known as the “Pretty Woman”, as “The runaway bride” and as the love interest of Hugh Grant in “Notting Hill”: Julia Roberts. Hardly an actress has starred in many successful romantic comedies.

But that’s over apparently. In an Interview with “Entertainment Online” said the 50-Year-old about it, why is this Format more to your yoke. The explanation can be summarised like this: Roberts has now a lot of experience of life.

In her new series, “Homecoming”, a Drama that plays with Dermot Mulroney. The two in the lead roles of “The wedding of my best friend”.

A reporter asked Roberts if she could imagine to play again with Dermot Mulroney romantic comedies. “I don’t know,” says Roberts, “maybe we could play the parents.”


“I love you, I’m happy to be a part of you, I see you like me. But sometimes they simply do not work, if you have a certain experience of life,” says Roberts about the Genre. The have nothing to do with age. “It is important that people know what you know.”

“Homecoming” is based on a successful Podcast, Amazon produced the series. It is the second series of the project of Julia Roberts. In the Mini-series “Today Will Be Different”, from HBO, she played the main role.


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