The lessons bobs up and down in front of you, the students get bored and pass the time until the break Gong as inconspicuously as possible with other employment: they play cards, for example, Uno, Skat, or – especially in Bavaria – sheep’s head. So it was, according to the statements of today’s adult anyway, often in earlier times.

Today, however, analog Gambling, also known as “sheep’s heads is no longer fashionable” – neither in school nor in leisure. The Bavarian philologists Association, representing teachers at secondary schools and Vocational schools complained. He has a possible explanation: In the families, the game will not be played and learned.

Say to The students there is a lack of sheep’s head-competence, and this has consequences. “We have made the experience that there are still sheep head the end of students, that their number has decreased,” writes the Chairman, Michael Schwägerl in a message. He is not criticized directly, that is no longer secretly played in the classroom, but calls for: sheep’s head should not be frowned upon in the school, but should be encouraged.

sheep’s-head App, the Association does not apply

“a Lot of the theme might not hold for non-high school, but just the opposite is the case: We want the card game to win in the digital age we are more and more important, also in the school,” writes Schwägerl, and stresses: The sheep’s head App on the Smartphone will not replace the game with the real, because of the appeal of the game lies not least in the interaction of the players with each other.

the framework In which the sheep’s heads in the schools should be encouraged – whether as a part of the lesson or by the by-employment of students , leaves the Association. He cited in his communication but Klaus Zierer, Professor for school pedagogy at the University of Augsburg, has some ideas on the subject.

First, it is desirable that children and adolescents times for the card would be given to the game, similar to the private cell phone use, Zierer. In math, for example, could be calculated also, what is the probability to lose two tricks in a Solo. In art a sheep’s head could be designed in a card game. Zierer is convinced: “The educational content of the Schafkopfens is immense.”

“a return to values of home and Tradition,”

The game requires in addition to simple mathematical skills but also strategic, social, emotional and even existential intelligence, and not least, a carrier of values and norms, of history and culture, Zierer quoted. “Be reminded, at this point, for example, to the Bavarian expression ‘of The upper stands Under’, in everyday life, to hierarchies, which are always also part of democracies.”

The philologists Association is to strengthen the “sheep’s heads” – but only the various competencies in students. He’s also something else: a “return to values of home and Tradition,” as Schwägerl in the message writes. And also traditional Bavarian games such as sheep’s head module in addition to the maintenance of the dialect.

a bit of local patriotism resonates still: The game is widespread in the whole of Bavaria, clubs so, Franconia, Swabia and old Bavaria in the Form of a game, writes Schwägerl. It was, therefore, “the Image of the diversity and unity of Bavaria”.


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