In the United States need to spend on Streaming-Fans in the future, between 13 and 18 percent more for your Netflix subscription, the group announced. The Premium subscription, which can be viewed on four devices at the same time shows and movies now cost 15,99$. In Germany, this subscription currently costs 13,99 Euro. For American customers the increased prices are effective immediately, existing subscriptions are to be adjusted in the coming months.

Netflix’s customers have for the time being, there is no fear of price increase, it is part of the company. “The price countries increases in specific and the increase in the United States has no influence on the global price change and suggests a possible price increase in Germany,” said a spokesman for Netflix in Germany on MIRROR request.

Test of possible price limits

However, the streaming service is testing again and again, also in Germany, whether customers would accept higher prices. In some areas, the particular Internet will be shown to users subscription prices that are up to four euros higher than the standard prices. The Premium subscription is offered at such a Test, for example, for 17,99 euros a month – instead of the usual € 13.99.

“We regularly test new things on Netflix, and these Tests vary typically in their duration. In this case, we can easily test different price categories, in order to better understand how consumers are taking to Netflix,” confirms a spokesperson from Netflix-Germany, the LEVEL in the Experiments. “Not everyone will see this Test and we may never provide the specific price points of this test.”

new customers who are offered such a test price and are ready to have a subscription to the in the Test the price referred to be complete, to be informed, according to Netflix before the conclusion of the contract and the actual required price. You have to pay as much as other customers.

Rising stock prices

investors responded positively to the increase in the price of the streaming service in the United States. The listed on the Nasdaq, Netflix shares rose 6.1 percent to 353,25 dollars. The U.S. analysis of the house of Bernstein Research leave the classification for Netflix to “Outperform” with a price target of 421 USD.

The increase in the price of the streaming service was moderate, commented Analyst Todd Disciples on Wednesday, in a present study. You witness a slowdown in momentum in subscriber acquisition, but only that the company outlets are no opportunities to increase sales. On Thursday, the streaming service released the Numbers for the fourth quarter.


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