Cost of a Liter of Diesel at the beginning of October in the Federal-wide average of 1.34 euros, it was the end of the month to 1.42 euros. Super petrol increased in the course of the month, according to data from the mineral oil industry Association (MWV) of 1.49 euros to 1.53 euros per Liter. In the same period, a Barrel of crude oil (159 litres) of North sea Brent crude fell by eleven percent to the equivalent of 66,40 euros.

In normal times, can leave motorists to the fact that the prices of petrol, Diesel and fuel oil fluctuate approximately with the price for crude oil and the Dollar, something more, something less. In this autumn, but relief does not come to the markets in the case of the car drivers. The reason is the dryness, since the spring, the water levels of the rivers are sinking deeper and deeper. The October was dry with only half the rainfall as in the long-term average.

vessels less

mainly the Rhine and its tributaries play an important role in supplying Germany with Oil transport. Here huge refineries supplied by pipeline with crude oil are part of it. The finished products are transported by inland vessels in tank farms along the rivers and then by train and Truck to the consumer.

But the ships can transport because of the low water levels on the rivers only half as much, or even less gasoline, Diesel and heating oil, as usual. To create a replacement on Rail and road, is due to a shortage of capacity is difficult and expensive. The products therefore do not come to the customer or, at most, at much higher prices.

“We can’t say when the Situation is relaxed,”

The drivers get to feel especially in the South. In Karlsruhe, such as the motorists have to pay for a litre of Super is currently 1.56 euros, in the Rostock, just 1.44 Euro, even though Karlsruhe is the site of a large refinery. The North is almost oversupplied and not have to rely on the inland waterways, in the South it hooks at all corners and Ends. It also changes nothing that the Federal government has temporarily opened its emergency Reserve, to avoid bottlenecks in supply. Some gas stations were already gone temporarily blank.

The petroleum industry is not yet clear: “We can not say when the Situation is relaxed,” said a MWV spokesman in Berlin. Even in the rain the level of the rivers rise only slowly. As long as the problems in the supply chain to stop having to pay the motorist.

50 per cent less water: the largest water fall of Europe to the heat of the summer, from FOCUS Online/Wochit As the largest waterfall in Europe, after the heat of summer cvh/dpa

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