FDP-Chef Christian Lindner has taken the new-found CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer against critics. “I see it as a macho allure, as she was outclassed by many of the Mini-Merkel”, said Lindner of the MIRROR in front of the traditional three king of the FDP meeting on Sunday in Stuttgart. (Click here to read the entire interview at MIRROR+)

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“Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said a clear content profile”, Lindner. You’ve driven as Minister President of Saarland, in the refugee crisis of the rule of law, but also a clear grading of the course. “That was good.” Kramp cart Builder, the direction of economic policy was criticized by the FDP Chairman, however, as a “state-oriented”, their socio-political ideas he called “restoration”.

On the question of whether he could imagine to choose Kramp-karrenbauer to the Chancellor, said Lindner: “We can think of each personality as a Chancellor who is willing to venture in Germany to make a break.” There is a need for leadership and the readiness for fair cooperation. “Any Person that guarantees this, we can imagine ourselves as Chancellor, regardless of whether her name is Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, Friedrich Merz, Olaf Scholz.”

A year after the Failure of Jamaica to the FDP Chairman was open to new talks, even without new elections. “Would you ask us, we would talk,” said Lindner. Without Merkel, and it was easier. “This is not meant to be evil. But after twelve years, the courage to innovate and the willingness to correct old wrong decisions was missing.”

the termination of The Jamaican talks in November 2017, the FDP leader, in retrospect, to be referred to as “a decision under high uncertainty and with the highest risk”. The FDP could have gotten, Lindner, in a similar dispute as in 1982, when the party left the social-liberal coalition with the SPD. “And I’m also wondering, what would it mean for my authority as Chairman, would have sunk the party in the dispute and in the polls in the direction of the five percent hurdle reeled.”

The more he appreciated it, that the liberals spent in a stable, and in the case of state elections gains, said Lindner. “For me, this is already a progress compared to the past decades.” However, had to set up the party in terms of personnel wider. “If one takes the media only a few representatives of a party, you have only a few images in my head, in which is the life reality, we are liberal at home.”

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