The Federal government will in the future collect the toll for heavy trucks on highways and Federal roads. The toll operator Toll Collect will therefore remain permanently in the possession of the state, informed Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer in Berlin on Tuesday. The decision surprised – it was originally planned that the contract to Collect the toll again to tender. A new calculation have shown, however, that the operation in-house is for the Federal is cheaper, said Scheuer.

The Federal government expected in the next few years, each of around 7.2 billion of euros in revenues from the road charge for trucks. According to the ideas of the Federal Minister for transport, the toll Collect road toll in the future, also in the control of the proposed car is to play a role. An additional camera to the control bridges could also collect cars.

The current contract with the toll operator Toll Collect was on 31. August run. The Federal government had taken over the company then, initially, and Europe’s search for a new operator. And operated to Collect was Great in the Key of Daimler and Deutsche Telekom. A year-long dispute over the two years, delayed Start-up of the system was completed in 2018, with a billion-dollar comparison. This, too, made the decision easier to state the duration of the operation of Toll Collect, said Scheuer.

Since 2005, the Truck-toll, first on the almost 13,000 kilometers of highways and trucks of twelve tonnes. It was then extended to around 2300 kilometers of major Federal roads, and smaller Trucks of 7.5 tonnes. With the rest of the Federal roads were 1. July 2018, once again, of 37,000 km of roads.

tool for traffic turning?

The Federal government has paid for development and construction of the system over the years, the regular compensation for the operators of Toll Collect. So the low purchase price of approximately EUR 50 million.

The toll for cars is controlled by a consortium of the Austrian toll specialist Kapasch and the ticket marketer, Eventim and collected. The launch is planned for 2020.

The toll could get for the Federal government in the longer term, even greater importance, for example when it comes to the so-called climate-friendly transport turning. The toll system on motorways and Federal roads, such as electro-funded car or truck traffic will be more burdened with environmental taxes. The Federal government wants to decide this year, a climate protection law. The transport sector is particularly in view, since he was not able to reduce it since 1990, emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2.


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