fewer and fewer children speak the vernacular, the Ortsdialekte are threatening to die out. The baden-württemberg government warns and wants. On Friday they organised, therefore, a specialist conference in the New castle in Stuttgart.

scientists, artists, teachers, and politicians have exchanged there about how you can improve the Image of the Swabian, Alemannic and Franconian dialects.

Baden-württemberg Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann, who speaks Schwäbisch, which is a particular concern. He says: “the ground of liability is important.” Dialects also promoted Cohesion. Should we strengthen it?

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Armin Himmelrath

In terms of school policy, Winfried Kretschmann, is not always the best figure. But his idea to give the dialect at school and in the education system and contribute to their acceptance and preservation, is really good.

Since Kretschmann’s right: The dialect provides an identity and something like a mobile home, you can take. Anyone who has been on a long, maybe even months of travel, knows the feeling of well-being, if he snaps, finally back in familiar dialect expressions.

This is in essence but not only to personal well-being, but for real. Who speaks dialect, no inferior loss the form of the high German, but demonstrates additional language skills. And it’s not a question of Either-or between high-level language and a regional language, but a side by side.

In other cases, we applaud it: If kids grow up in addition to the German the second language of English, French, or maybe Hebrew, then we celebrate the education for civil advantage. You speak in the family, however, Swabian or Saxon (or Arabic or Turkish), is the of the many education of citizens and the policy quickly as the training remote and primitive dismissed. What a hypocritical double-standard.

brain researcher attest to dialect speakers have a higher cognitive potential, teacher reports of greater expression of languages as wealth and advantages for later language Learning. Results of school performance studies seem to confirm: Bavaria, Saxony and Baden-Württemberg in Germany as the best educational regions.

Against the impoverishment of the linguistic landscape

“Our kids san Yes net so gscheit, because for us, the CSU ruled, but because they have to learn two languages, the dialect as a mother language and the written German as the default language,” argues the Munich dialect researcher Hans Triebel in the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. Beautiful, you can Express it. And if the education in Germany is already in Danish and Sorbian, Frisian and low German – why should you discriminate then, schwäbisch speaker?

it is Clear, however: Who talks like the people in his everyday environment, rather than someone, the language in the best English, but it is only regional fremdelnd can Express. Dialects can also be a Form of integration help – what can’t be this wegargumentieren that you dismiss them as unimportant variance Language.

Who says that is talking just Gwadsch (Saxon), Schmarr’n (Bavarian), Driss (Kölsch) or Boggmischd (Schwäbisch). To be limited in the education system alone on the high-German, contributes to the impoverishment of the linguistic landscape.

Who promotes regional languages, in contrast, actively, for the people in the education system for new opportunities. Other States should take on, therefore, the dialect of Baden-Württemberg as an example. Or, as it would be with us in the Rhineland: Mundart in d’r Schull? Well darn tootin ‘ – wat, for sons?


Heike Klovert

this week has laid a handyman in new baseboards. It was, he was a Romanian. I don’t want to believe it in the first place, the craftsman language Palatinate. I come from this Region, he said it straight, he rarely chose the wrong item.

The artisans live for a few years in the Palatinate and would have delighted Mr Kretschmann is safe. Because his parents were refugees after the Second world war from East Prussia to the Swabian country and the Prime Minister was fond of telling how he integrated himself as a child on the dialect in its surroundings.

The dialect helped him, the Stigma of “refugee” to get rid of. Who chatters Schwäbisch that can not be foreign. That is why the Prime Minister is not now very in favour of the dialects in Baden-Württemberg extinction.

Just The thought process is misleading, sometimes even hurtful. Because dialect can promote cohesion, but also of bounds, and the False. If someone quickly learns a dialect, it means not automatically that he is settling in well. It means that he has a talent for languages. Because of a language – master, as well as a dialect – an accent, it requires a fine ear and a well-developed “fine motor speech movement sequences”.

Both can be trained to a certain degree. However, there are very many people who will never speak in impeccable British English, or Palatine, or Swabian or German, no matter how hard you try. Some immigrants live here for years and the blade still as Romanians, Afghans or, if you speak German. We tend to imply, it integration were “unwilling”. Maybe you’re just untalented.

Many more pressing tasks

Kretschmann, Jürgen Klinsmann in California met recently, he told the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. The two schwäbelten, it felt very familiar and safe. “Dialect is a mobile home,” said Kretschmann afterwards.

It is nice that the Prime Minister, this sense of home can easily access. It is a precious feeling, especially in these times when globalisation of people is no longer swirls through the world, until you know where you belong.

However, identity is a very complex and highly individual thing. Also a broken English with spread of Turkish identity, like any other language, and any other dialect. What’s important is what the group is talking, to the you want.

Therefore: do not Glorify, we, the Swabian. There are many tasks that are urgent than the image of a special dialect, for example, German support in the day-care centre.

Especially since the vernacular clichés to cling to. Dialect mediate adherence to the ground, said Kretschmann, the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. He himself could produce with a couple of Swabian rates much better familiarity than someone speaking high German, for example, in a tense coalition negotiations.

This familiarity could, in the worst case, criminals take advantage of the seniors in order your cash facilitate, or children from your neighborhood want to draw. Therefore, it is time that we take a look behind the facade, the language of builds and people to see.

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