In the process to non-approved arms exports of arms company Heckler & Koch to Mexico has called for the prosecution of custodial sentences for two former employees. For a former sales Manager, the charge holds for complicity in a gang is a sentence of two years and nine months is appropriate. A former clerk should because of aid for two years and six months in prison, the Prosecutor’s office this Thursday before the regional court of Stuttgart. For a former managing Director of the company you called for only a suspended sentence. A judgment is expected in February.

In the process, there is the question of how in the years from 2006 to 2009, more than 4500 assault rifles and sub-machine guns, ammunition and accessories to the value of about 4.1 million Euro were delivered in unrest regions in Mexico, although there was for these areas, no permits. The purchase price is to be moved according to the will of the public Prosecutor’s office of the company.

The two by the prosecution as principal perpetrators of a gang are the men standing in Stuttgart in front of a court: A former head of is no longer alive, and another former employee, who worked in Mexico as a representative of Heckler & Koch and it is still alive, according to his lawyer, too sick for the procedure to arrive. His procedure was separated.


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