at the end of the presiding judge is addressed directly to the defendant. “We have not been able to clarify why you have done this,” he says. “Maybe you don’t really know. If it is, then it will remain your secret.” After that, Sebastian R. and Niels L. may, the district court of Bremen as a free men leave.

in Nine months the two were taken into custody. The charge was attempted murder. The jury trial chamber chaired by judge Jürgen Seifert has spoken to the 24-and 25-year-old Bremen on Tuesday of the murder charge. Remain tried and full-body injury, property damage and dangerous intervention in the road ended.

Niels L., and Sebastian R. were accused to have between August 2015 and November 2017 in more than twenty cases at night, stones, paving slabs, nail boards, also the foot of a Traffic sign on the roads and the feeder roads in and around Bremen. In the opinion of the public Prosecutor’s office they had not only endangered the safety of road traffic, but also tried to kill treacherous people.

No killing intent

The court sees it differently: “That the defendants have actually acted with conditional intention to Kill, can not determine the chamber found,” said judge Seifert.

Of the more than twenty accused did the chamber looks at the debt with Sebastian R. in only 13 cases, with Niels L. in only twelve cases, as shown. An intention to Kill have been able to see the judge in the case of any single fact. The chamber has sentenced Sebastian R. to imprisonment for a term of three years and four months, Niels L., to imprisonment for a term of three years.

Christmas and new year’s eve you may be celebrating yet at home. The court has lifted the arrest warrants, it sees no escape, no danger of repetition. Your imprisonment you need to compete later on. For three years, they are allowed to drive a car. Their driver’s licenses they had to give.

“Not any dangerous interference in road traffic can also be a premeditated homicide,” said judge Seifert at the time of sentencing. “Special circumstances have to arise. In our opinion, this was not the case here.” The deeds are only “limited dangerous, at least not life have been dangerous”. The victim would have been able to run over the obstacles with your car, mostly easy, or even Dodge. Criminal tempering the court ruled that the stones were on roads without much traffic and with the speed limit. “There is nothing to suggest that the accused expected the death of traffic participants,” says Seifert.

At the scene, but not as a perpetrator

All deeds, for the court, Sebastian R. and Niels L. now condemned, took place in the year 2017. The two laid before the obstacles on the roads, did not result in the taking of evidence, without a doubt. In particular, you don’t be to prove that you were there, on the night of 1. September 2015, two stone blocks, on the national road 6 have placed. A woman lost control of her vehicle and went into a Lurching, that she fell with her car on the side. The woman suffered multiple bruises, whiplash and shock.

The defendant had denied the fact. But you were there to gave you. They had seen the accident happen and the wife provided First aid.

On a block of stone, a DNA was found-track by Niels L. His guilt cannot be inferred from the fact, noted judge Seifert. It is not excluded that the trace of DNA was only when putting away on the stone.

For the prosecution was this accident something like a key event. To be by this point in time been the defendant, in your view, realize that you Do could have fatal consequences. All other acts evaluated the Prosecutor’s office as an attempted murder. The court takes the defendant, however, is that they have nothing to do with the accident of the woman. Since the two were confessed, this is the assumption that you have granted this fact, said Seifert. The court sees the beginning of the series until two years later.

at one point, the court does not believe the accused. That you have not observed what happened after you put the stones on the streets, don’t take them to the judges. You have just claimed, “because it is cringe-inducing to,” said Seifert. The judges go in the opposite in your favor, that you have very looking well, and had noted that “nothing Serious happened”.

Psychic moment

came to Physically harm no one actually. It came down mostly to damage to the cars of the victims. Among the psychological consequences some of the suffering. Niels L. has paid most of the damages. Not all of the victims have accepted the apology of the accused.

“is The legal assessment of the court is absolutely correct,” said defender Stephan Weinert after the verdict. Only the amount of the penalty to discuss could. He’ll speak with Sebastian R. and his family, whether you are inserting, therefore, Revision. Similar to the defender expressed by Niels L.

The Prosecutor’s office had argued on attempted murder and six and seven years in prison for Niels L., and Sebastian R. required. State attorney Wiebke Kaiser on Tuesday there is no explanation of the judgment, as soon as the judge had finished speaking, she left the room.

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