In the dispute over an alleged secret account of the former Bavarian Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauss wants to hear, the Cologne regional court of other witnesses. The discussion addressed the civil chamber has a spokesperson according to a new trial date for the 15. May scheduled.

the oldest of The Strauss’s son Max complains in the proceedings against the author and Ex-Finance officer Wilhelm Schlötterer. Of these claims, the former CSU leader didn’t leave his children at his death in 1988 an offshore account with around 360 million D-Mark. Max Strauss denies that – he estimated the paternal inheritance of less than six million Mark.

audit report of the former DG-Bank says assets

occupy Multiple courts had Schlötterer, the repetition of the above Statements. The author had almost ten years ago a book with the title “abuse – Franz Josef Strauss and his successors,” was published.

In the current process, the Cologne district court new evidence, Schlötterer, in support of his Thesis has presented is necessary to check up. In the center of an alleged audit report of the former DG-Bank, the authenticity of which is controversial.

According to the court spokesperson, are now to be witnesses, among other things, to the question of whether Max Strauss has said his time on the phone to someone that more than 300 million D-Mark would be the Bayerische Landesbank and the legacy of his father.


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