Long as the two supermarket owners to stay with their lawyers after the verdict in the court room to sit. It seemed as if she wanted to ask the journalists to and from Jonathan’s family in the hallway to escape. And also, with the guilty verdict in the fatal electric shock in the Hamburg discount market in may 2016, are still abundant.

Loose cables hanging from the ceiling, a half out from the wall, hanging power socket: “would need to impose on the accused as a technical layman, that the electrical installation is not done properly,” said the Magistrate, in her judgment, justification for the taking of evidence. She has sentenced the operators of the business in the district of Harburg, therefore, negligent homicide to ten months ‘ imprisonment on probation.

For Jonathan’s relatives, the judge, would be the fatal current is equal to beats a murder or manslaughter. “This is the most Horrible thing parents can.” No judgment and no punishment could make up for it. No one had wanted the death of the boy at register 4.

The managing Director of the market in the Arbeiterkiez, a 44-Year-old and his 48-year-old sister, would have been made by omission is guilty, decided by the judge. The four year old had taken changed while shopping with his father, Joseph D. (Name) to a metal railing at the cash register, the current voltage. With a petrified expression followed D. the sentencing.

Deadly Bungling in the construction?

Perhaps according to the indictment, “amateurish” connected transformer was to blame, with the aid of a metal herb shelf was illuminated. Who was ultimately responsible for ensuring that the circuit is closed as the healthy Young, as was said by the pediatrician in the process noted, according to the court, but even after several months of negotiation, is not clear.

Puzzling case in Hamburg The dead child to cash in 4

has Been working at tag 2015/16 blundered? The defenders of the siblings referred to in the process on a to be determined expert company have carried out the Work. An inspection sticker had the plant according to the court, no. The police secured therefore, only hours after the electricity to shock the scene in the hustle and bustle of the market. What then happened, was the judge not according to exactly reconstruct.

to change The now convicted sibling acts in the procedure also a little. They let their lawyers speak, had requested spell. As the judge asked, according to the last words of the defendants, their defenders tell you that you wanted to make “use of it”.

Silently, because speechless

a have should For of Jonathan’s uncles on the wooden spectators ‘ bench, this rates as a mockery of sounded. His daughter was with the boys in the Kindergarten. “We have not I heard in the last words, a ‘sorry’, a little Boy died.” In front of the court building, he and other members of candles and tulips were placed next to a rosary. On a poster they demanded justice. Co-plaintiff attorney Walter shepherd, who represented the parents of the boy, now wants to check whether he is going against the not-yet-final judgment. He said: “To have real repentance is part of that responsibility is accepted.”

“Felt responsible” asked the Magistrate, the two siblings. As a Parole you required the two to pay for three years every month, each 500 or 600 euros to the state Treasury. “The defendants have the self-imposed duties of Care and control obligation has been violated,” she said. The parents lawyer Schäfers, in turn, said he is preparing a civil action for damages.

The defenders of the now-convicted man had explained in the process, this silence, because for him “the words”. Quite different to Jonathan’s mother, told shepherd: “as you had her dead son in her arms, she asked: the police, the journey there is over, so that no other will be hurt.”

More than two and a half years after the Young, of the current brands, not drawn, in a clinic North of the river Elbe died, could you. The seat next to D. to the co-plaintiff Bank remained in the verdict blank.

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