It was an eerie sight, the security guard in the early hours of the morning of the 27. March 2017 in the Berlin Bode-Museum. Thomas Sch. worked only for a few days in the Museum. It was the first night, in fact he alone service. During his tour of the second floor, he controlled the doors in the Museum and looked if anything was suspicious. “Then he saw that the doors that had been closed, were suddenly been wedging and open.”

So the chief of the Guard, the Deputy security chief of the Berlin State museums reported it on the Monday before the regional court of Berlin. Wooden wedges had been pushed under the doors to keep them open. The watchman immediately informed the main police station. “He was afraid”, says the witness, Lothar G., at the request of the Chairman, judge. “He has suspected that someone is in the house.”

that night, it was possible for thieves to steal from the Bode-Museum, the 100-kilogram gold coin “Big Maple Leaf” in the value of 3.75 million Euro. Four defendants on trial since last week before the court. They deny the allegations.

was Like a spectacular Coup at all possible, indicate on the second Day of the trial. The Deputy chief of security reported on Monday by security flaws, and a strange incident in the week before the fact.

The window to the men’s locker room in the Bode Museum, prepared for the long problems. According to the Deputy chief of security had been at the window since 2014 repeatedly one of the alarm systems. It had repeatedly given occasion, lots of error messages, which is why the Alarm on the window had finally been deactivated, says Lothar G. Also in the night of the 27. March 2017, the Alarm had not been armed. Via this window, the perpetrators are reached according to the charge to the Museum and use the coin again in addition to climbed.

The defective alarm technology was prepared by the security service, apparently, no sleepless nights. The witness says that the technical Department have been informed and the handle of the window had been unscrewed, so that it was no longer open from the inside. Urgent action is needed to saw the security people. Judge Dorothee examiner asks the witness whether it is true that the window handle on a Cabinet in the locker room was, as the files refer to. Lothar G. says, of which he knew nothing.

defendant (center) with lawyers in court (archive)

In the alert boss will not offset the safety of the notification of the employee about a week before the fact. The window to the locker room was secured by an additional Safety window. This disc, the witness, says it had the function to protect the actual window from stone chips. Directly in front of the window, a train takes the route past the Museum, on the S-Bahn trains and regional trains.

On the 21. March 2017, had been crumbled, this “window”, reported the witness. Safety films hold the shards of glass. Also a bracket was loose. The damage had been documented and reported. Immediately, the disc has not been repaired. After the fact, at 27. In March, she was on a canopy in front of the Museum. The perpetrators had succeeded, obviously, is to remove them from the brackets.

Apparently, the thieves of the unsecured window knew. You probably also knew that the gold coin itself was not secured. The perpetrators only had to destroy the glass case to get to the treasure.

First of all, the security guard, Thomas Sch. suspicion advised to be in fact have been involved. His supervisor, Lothar G., considers the allegations to be unfounded. The guard is a “reliable colleague”. Prior to his move to the Bode-Museum Sch. in other houses worked. Lothar G. got the Bode-Museum.

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According to the indictment, the Insider information, another security guard came from the defendant, Denis W. The 20-Year-old is indicted as an accomplice. The three co-defendants Ahmed, Wissam and Wayci Remmo should have executed the deed. You belong to an Arabic family, to be with other spectacular deeds in the past stocky. Denis W. and Ahmed Remmo should know from school. The accused, aged 20 to 24 years, the community is accused of theft in a particularly serious case.

An electronics engineer, the controlled signal system on the railway line, reported on Monday that on 17. In March, ten days before the fact, a wheelbarrow on the railway embankment was noticed. He thought that other railroad workers would you have parked there. In fact, the perpetrators can be brought with the boost of the coin on the rail cart track to a nearby Park.

A police officer said that surveillance video from the nearby S-Bahn Station Hackescher Markt in the nights on the 17., 21. and 27. March of suspicious persons. It are the nights where a wheelbarrow showed up, the safety disk was suddenly destroyed, and the gold coin disappeared. The coin is gone. Investigators expect that you has long been piece, sold by piece.

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