“did That to me,” says Thomas Sch. before the regional court of Berlin. “You must have seen something! You must have heard something!”. Constantly he was told. “But I didn’t,” he says: “Nothing seen, nothing heard.”

It was his first night duty alone in the Bode-Museum. Around 4 PM he finished on 27. March 2017, his third tour. He looked at the Monitor in the guard and looked Strange. On the second floor-lit doors red is on, the Signal that they were unlocked. He could not explain. He was sure he had locked. But then you would have to on the Monitor green lights.

Thomas Sch. the staff in the main informed guard and went on his way, to see what was going on. At the top he saw several doors with wedges were kept open. “There must be someone at the Museum”, he has given over the radio. The main guard sent two employees to him. One of them, Hardy B., still stands today under the impression the experiences of that night.

The guards walked through the hallways on the second floor. Suddenly, Hardy B. dirt’ve noticed on the ground. He followed the trail. “And there I saw the great disaster,” says Hardy B., 56, to court. The 100-Kilo gold coin was gone. The police suspected the thieves still in the house. A hundred combed the building. However, the perpetrators of the gold coin were gone, too.

Hardy, B. can’t believe it still, that the thieves, such a Coup is successful. The questions not let him go: How could knowledge of the perpetrators of the unsecured window in the locker room? How could you find your way in the confusing spaces of the Bode-Museum? There are the same questions that deal with the judge. The Prosecutor’s office said in the meantime, in the Person of a watchman, Thomas Sch. to have the answer.

His house was searched

The 61-Year-old was suspected to have the perpetrators of the crucial evidence. Watchman Sch. was the accused, his house, his property, his car, Computer and cell phone were searched. The investigations against him have not yet been set. He is still considered a suspect. He learns that day by the Chairman judge.

The questions of the judge, the Prosecutor and defense attorney Thomas Sch. as the accused did not answer. “I want to say what,” he says. A lawyer, he has not brought. In that month he had started in the Bode-to work in a Museum as a security guard. There have been a lack of people, because you’ve added him to the Bode Museum. Excited he was about it.

What he reported on his duties as a security guard, differs in some Details from the testimony of other witnesses. A defender caught him in a lie. Directly after the fact, Thomas Sch. the police initially complained to have been lying. He had stated in his last tour of both the second and the first floor in a controlled manner. In fact, he was on the first floor, only in the second. He confessed a little later also to the police.

defender Hans-Georg Birkhoff wants to know why he has lied before. “I was so by the Wind,” says Thomas Sch. Birkhoff warns him to tell the truth. Then he confronted him with his log statement to the police. There Sch. that he was afraid to get in Trouble with his boss, if he says that he was only on the second floor. “Yes, that was so that I was afraid to get in Trouble,” he admits finally.

“Absolutely unreal”

There are other inconsistencies. Time Thomas Sch said. from that he had altered the crime scene in which he removes the wedges and the doors closed again. Now he says he didn’t touch the doors. This was also the Order of the main guard and that he had kept. According to the data of a defender it should be a piece of paper which the witness has written in the night of the Crime. He should have admitted that he removed the wedges, with which the doors were fixed. Thomas Sch. silent. Then he says: “I know it today.”

Hardy, B., his then colleague of the main guard, is in any case certain, that the doors were open, as he with Thomas Sch. and the second gentlemen, the exhibition entered the space. The sight had burned him. Because he couldn’t believe what he saw. “Why are the doors on? For us, that was absolutely unreal.”

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Perhaps we could bring the four defendants of light into the Dark. Denis W. has worked as a supervisor at the Bode-Museum. He should be given Wissam Ahmed and Wayci Remmo crucial information and that you according to the indictment, the window in the locker room opened, through which the offender should be entered into the Museum. All four are accused of theft in a particularly serious case.

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