Franck Ribéry has made the next serious dropouts. After a physical altercation with a French journalist, in November, the 35-attacked-Year-old this time, critics on the Internet. On Twitter and Instagram, the professional FC Bayern posted several abusive and primitive entries. “Let’s start with the naysayers, and haters like to profess, to be caused by a leaky condom: F**** your mothers, your grandmothers and your entire family tree,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Background of the Ausrasters is a criticism of a photo that had been set by Ribéry before two days the Internet. There, the Frenchman was to be seen in the consumption of gold leaf Ribeye Steaks. A Shitstorm broke out. Now Ribery hit back with an attack.

His tirade, he had already announced on the eve. “Oooh, I have to offend a couple of mothers. Until tomorrow, good night.” Then he wrote: “I’m going to shower, what to drink, eat, Espresso and then I am with you.”

in Addition, he also said against the media that had reported about his self on Instagram of restaurant visit. “In terms of the Pseudo-journalists who have reported only negative about me and my actions. When I have some donation (because you taught me to give also, if I get a lot) – why then reported, not a single large national media?”

For Ribéry, it is not the first outburst in this season. In November, he had attacked the French TV Reporter Patrick Guillou after the 2:3 defeat against Borussia Dortmund, because he had felt by these wrongly criticized. Five days later, Ribéry was: “It was wrong of course, what I have done. It is always difficult after a game, because I was very emotional. I said to Patrick excuse, even to his family.”

A penalty it should have after this incident, according to press reports. As the Bayern bosses to deal now with the new dropouts from Ribéry, is not yet known. Bayern Munich has not responded to the new incident on a MIRROR request.

In October, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeness had trusted in a memorable press conference respect for their players and to the Dignity of the human person reminds.


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