During the winter the sun sets early behind the horizon. It is the time in the stylish, colorful lights in the shopping of the cities, promenades customers the way to the next bargain. After the close of business empty the streets, and the photographer can use a light stage, which can he varied the scene.

The photo shoot for this article took place in the Königsallee. Here the shops and passages not lined up, the offer only high-priced goods, but your glamorous presentations in elaborate light installations dress. In part, the viewer has the feeling of an artistic Inzsenierung to face.

For a photographer, here offers a Wealth of possibilities. While in the Studio, mostly a lot of lights with color gels and light modifiers used to come, in order to create a varied light backdrop, is prepared in the city.

Night in the shopping arcade

LED effect lighting The Background of the reflective metal surface of a building is input. The scene will be lit by colorful LED Panels, which are extensively attached to the opposite wall.

light installation The Model is illuminated in this photo are mainly of the light strip of the facade; only a little stray light originates from a distant lantern. The comprehensive lighting installation creates a good contrast edge on the Model.

video walls In a shop window, a video wall, creating new light scenes. The warm light from the left comes from an advertising sign; facial reflections of the outdoor lighting, ensure the cooler brightening.

surfaces The Model is off to the side in a Department store entrance, lit with large, frosted plexiglass sheets white. The lighting installation continues above his head, and thus provides for a planar illumination.

In the examples shown here, was entirely dispensed with accessories such as flashes and Reflectors. This can make the photographer in front of hurdles, rewarded him, but also with interesting effects.

A tripod helps after sunset, to avoid blurred images, a fast lens is crucial, and the ISO-value is reached quickly to 3200 or 6400, which in turn amplifies the image noise. The recordings should be recorded in the Raw Format to be able to later the Maximum out of the photo, because on the Basis of 8-Bit JPEGs are very balanced results.


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January/February 2019

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a large dynamic range of the camera is, As always, when the light sources are part of the picture. The light surfaces to outshine usually the subject, while the Model is not yet exposed. To the for the scene optimum exposure you need to. The best control of the manual exposure mode offers. Shadow to light them later in Lightroom or Photoshop, the lights darken a little, and finally, the right Look makes for an exciting result.

If necessary, the photographer can make the light scene by other light sources and shaper. A brightening of the front supports the focus and brings the scene contrast to a level that can cope with the Sensor of the camera easier.

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