Facebook has discovered in his services again, several Hundred pages and Profiles, about the “Iranian actors” in a number of countries trying to manipulate public opinion. The Facebook’s Head of Cybersecurity Policy, Nathaniel of the Same, announced on Thursday. Also in Germany, that’s why the Accounts were shut down – Facebook is not informed, however, even on demand, how many.

a total of approximately 262 pages, 356 Accounts and three groups on Facebook, as well as 162 Instagram Accounts had been distributed in the respective language of the country, especially the content of state Iranian media, it is to issues such as the middle East conflict or the war in Yemen. Some Accounts have also tried to organise Events. Well over 2 million people would have to get the content to see.

the Same is not stressed in a telephone conversation with journalists, however, that the contents were the real reason for the deletion. Rather, the Profiles and pages had been operated under false names and identities, which is in breach of Facebook’s guidelines. “Inauthentic behavior” is called Facebook. The Accounts should work, as they would come from the respective country in which they were active.

“Such networks to misuse our platform, in order to manipulate the public debate”, said the Same. Therefore, the fight against it was of the highest priority.

the importance of The campaigns remains unclear

again and again, Facebook comes in such cases to the Public, to show that it can make disinformation campaigns, in the meantime, better to find than in the US presidential election in 2016. How effective and significant the well could be stopped campaigns have been based on the sparse Details, the Facebook, however, it is impossible to estimate.

in August 2018, the company had removed several Hundred Profiles, pages and groups to have spread from Russia and Iran, Propaganda, and behind those Facebook-state actors suspected.

By-state actors Facebook not language, this time explicitly: We are only sure that the activities come from Iran. State participation could not be located.

Facebook wants to prevent Manipulation of the European election

Recently had removed Facebook nearly 300 pages, and had it identified as a Fake-offers, on the Anti-Nato Propaganda of the Russian channel Sputnik, among other things, in Georgia, Lithuania and Estonia has been widely used.

in Spite of such advances, the EU had accused Commission Facebook this week to inform to opaque and incomplete about his approach against disinformation campaigns.

Prior to the European elections in may, Facebook wants to build new surgery centers to combat false information and voter intimidation, including one in Dublin. In addition, the company wants to regulate, similar to how Google political Ads more and more transparency from the clients force. It uses a new Identification requirements and the development of a publicly accessible Map archive.


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