low-income earners who have paid many years of pension contributions, will in future get a basic pension – as it is enshrined in the coalition agreement. Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil has now presented seems to be a concept, such as the basic pension might look like in practice, according to workers, the pay is at least introduced more than 35 years in the statutory pension insurance, children or relatives cared for and educated, about 100 euros more a month.

the project, have salvation in a working group with representatives of the country, the proposed social partners and the pension system, reported the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ). Healing speak of a “respect-pension”.

the Background is that low-income earners who have worked for a long time, and pension contributions paid, often even a pension in the amount of state basic security. The government increases the pension amount in such cases, the amount of the basic backup that also refer to people who have never worked. The reason the fuse is determined according to the rates for Hartz IV, and is for a single adult currently 424 euros plus housing costs.

financing of the basic pension is still unclear

With the basic pension, the years of pension contribution payers is to get in the future a surcharge on the basic security. The coalition agreement for this group, a pension, ten per cent, above the basic security needs. The “FAZ” , a medicinal plant, however a surcharge of 25 percent, the amount of about 100 euros is calculated more for pensioners.

The coalition agreement leaves open the question of whether the basic pension from tax revenues or from the pension Fund is paid. Plan of salvation, to Finance them from taxes, writes the “FAZ”. The Ministry reckon with 130,000 beneficiaries and costs in the amount of 200 million euros.

The labor Ministry commented on the report. On demand it was called, the Minister will present his proposals on the subject of basic pension in the near future.

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