In the case of the murder of Peggy, there has been an arrest. The chief state’s attorney Herbert Potzel in Bayreuth confirmed and announced for the afternoon for more information.

The Suspect is said to still be presented to an investigating judge. After that, the police will announce Details.

According to the “Bild”newspaper, the Suspect, a 41-Year-old came for the first time in 2001, to the attention of the investigators. At the time, he is intoxicated and said that he had buried the girl’s body. A murder or a homicide, the man had denied.

In September 2018, the 41-Year-old, and then to have the lifeless body of the girl in may 2001 in a forest in Thuringia, where years later bones were found.

Peggy disappeared on 7. May 2001 in the upper Franconian Lichtenberg on the way home from school. Only 15 years later, the mushroom pickers found the Remains of the child in a forest at Rodach Brunn in Thuringia – just 20 kilometers from Peggy’s hometown of Lichtenberg in upper Franconia.

Here you will read a chronology of the Case.


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