70 km long and about 1.50 meters high fence to prevent German wild boar will run, on the border of Schleswig-Holstein to Denmark. So to protect the country from the African swine fever (ASF). The steel fence is not enough for half a metre wide in the ground so that the animals can, including by digging.

On Monday morning, should be set in Padborg, a mere 15 kilometers West of Flensburg in the first post. In the course of the year, the fence will be completed, and then along the entire land border between the two countries extend, interrupted by twenty permanent passages, for example, for the traffic.

The Danish government wants to protect with the construction project for one of the country’s major pig breeding. If would be transferred African swine fever in Danish stocks, would have to be stopped according to the government, all exports to Non-EU countries.


According to the Ministry of environment in Copenhagen exported Danish farmers in 2016, pigs for the equivalent of around four billion euros, of which 1.5 billion euros outside the EU. “This plays an important role for our welfare society and for jobs in Denmark,” said Minister of the environment, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

For the people of the African swine fever Virus is not dangerous, consequences for farmers and Export threaten but. Are affected in Europe, especially the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States – and, since September of last year, Belgium, where the pathogen in feral pigs is only about 60 kilometers from the German border has been demonstrated.

so Far, the disease, against which there is no vaccine arrived in Germany. The risk of entry to Germany was still high, says the spokeswoman of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI), Elke Reinking. “The all-clear, we don’t give up.”

here you can read more about the Plan of the Danish government to build a wild pig fence.


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