Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejects the US national security adviser, John Bolton referred to conditions for a withdrawal of American troops from Syria. “The message that has given Bolton from Israel, there is none that we can accept and swallow,” Erdogan said in a speech in Parliament in Ankara during a parliamentary group meeting of his AKP party. “John Bolton has committed a serious error.”

Bolton said before the arrival in Turkey at the weekend during his Israel visit that the United States wanted Turkey’s security guarantees for the fighting in Syria the Kurds. This is the YPG militia, which is regarded by Turkey as terrorists and a threat to their own border. Turkey is planning an Offensive against the Kurdish militia.

John Bolton

The United States is helping the Kurdish militia, however, despite the criticism of its Nato Partners for years in the fight against the jihadists militia “Islamic state” (IS) with air strikes and weapons. In December, US President, Donald Trump announced, although surprisingly, all of the US soldiers out of Syria to be deducted, because the IS-militia was there, defeated. After criticism from staff and allies, he added this statement, however, in the meantime.

The security adviser to the President, Donald Trump had said, travelling with him to journalists, moreover, that the Turks should coordinate their military actions with Washington.

However, Erdogan, wants to know nothing. “Those involved in the terror corridor in Syria, will receive the necessary lesson,” he announced. He will proceed very soon to the deed, “to neutralize these terrorist organizations on Syrian soil”.

Kurdish fighters in the IS-attack

U.S. circles, killed in Ankara, it was said Tuesday afternoon that there had been from the American side, a request for a Meeting between Bolton and Erdogan, but this was not possible. Bolton will leave, therefore, “soon” again.

In the case of an IS-attack in Eastern Syria have been killed, activists say that at least 23 fighters of the Kurdish-mentioned Alliance. In addition, around 30 militants of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) had been injured, reported the Syrian Observatory for human rights. SDF spokesman Redur Chelil reported that the extremists have exploited for the attack of a sand storm.


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