In France, don’t tear off the protests of the so-called yellow the West, despite the social and political concessions from President Emmanuel Macron. In several cities thousands of demonstrators gathered again to protest against the government.

On the fifth protest weekend in a row, the “yellow West” in France mobilize, but, apparently, significantly fewer people than before. The authorities of 33,500 protesters on a Saturday before a week was, however, of the 77,000 people.

The protests were, as yet, are largely peaceful, police said. Consequently, at least 95 people were arrested a week earlier, there were several hundred. Information of the Ministry of interior, according to roughly 69,000 police officers throughout the country.

clashes in the centre of Paris

It is a weaker mobilization was observed, even under the violence of the protesters, prepare a police spokesperson told the television station BFMTV. Unlike a week ago, both the Eiffel tower and the Louvre and other museums, as well as the cafes in the centre of the city opened.

last weekend, had demonstrated in the whole of France according to official figures, 136,000 people, alone in Paris, and, therefore, to 10,000. It had been part of violent clashes between police and protesters. Tear gas was used, cars and barricades were burning.

In Paris, the authorities, nevertheless, on renewed riots. According to police, it came close to the Champs-skirmishes Élysées, with small groups of protesters against the tear gas had been used. Not far from Macrons headquarters, a group of “Femen”activist demonstrated on the inside.

The “yellow West”movement had begun in mid-November with protests against petrol price increases, expanded quickly to a broad movement against the economic policy of the President of Macron. Macron was announced at the Monday evening social policies, but also explained that its reform agenda and to hold on to. (For more on this topic, click here.)


protesters said, because of the attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg, fewer people were on the streets. Moderate “yellow West” had also recently to a “rest” and to “dialogue” with the government. The “yellow vests” have been calling for for weeks, the resignation of Macrons, as well as tax cuts, higher pensions and wages.


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