The First what you need to know about the “yellow West”: they were on Facebook. The French protest movement has emerged and has established thousands of regional and local groups. The demonstrations, the office of violent to follow in the news, are technically considered Facebook Events.

This plays an underestimated role, because the Facebook Algorithms to bring the “Events” function with the personal invitations more often in the news stream of your audience. Outreach and Mobilization are greater than, for example, in the case of demonstration call. The underscores Facebook’s Power as a political and social infrastructure.

The Second what you need to know the “yellow West”: France. The image of an idealised French Revolution continues to influence the Public, and it is no coincidence that the ideas of the French philosophers largely politics and societies of the 18th century., 20. and 21. Century have shaped. Behind it is the constant readiness for aggressive confrontation with the authorities and structures, is an attitude that you long for from a German perspective, from time to time.

at the same time, public violence, the massive takes place in Germany. New year’s eve burned in France, more than a thousand cars. The French policy was interested in the hardly be closer, in Germany, is expected to be cancelled in the event of such Figures immediately to the national state of emergency. Also Central: The French elitism is more aggressive, more arrogant and more self-evident than the Germans, accordingly, the reactions are more violent.

The third but, what you need to know about the “yellow West”: movements that occur in social media and be structured to follow patterns often similar reason. Therefore, one can say that by the analysis of other groups is also something about the “yellow vests”. The diffuse grass root-structure is a strength and a weakness at the same time. The weakness shows up in the media, because social media movements, the perfect projection surface are at the beginning, Because “yellow vests” are so diverse, you will find for almost any Thesis, you documents, whether in the network or in-the-street interviews.

There are certainly extreme right-wing “yellow West”, so many that some black students say they would not trust the Demos. There are also, undoubtedly, a very left-wing “yellow vests”, their Utterances are in regional Facebook groups are easy to find. The majority of the “yellow West” seems to be but little more than the anger at the government and elites, as well as “the intimate Dimension of the despair in France”. It is even supposed to have threats against the “yellow West”, which tried to portray itself as a spokesman for the movement. Also allergic to the “yellow vests seem” – at least not yet – to be against capture by parties or trade unions. Also, the skepticism of the media, seems great, and not without reason.

Because of the coverage of the “yellow West” can change the entire movement. This is typical for diffuse network of movements. Simply put: If in traditional media the Tenor of the movement as extreme right-assess, then to be attracted in the social media and on the street, increasingly extreme Right-wing, while Non-Right-wing pull more likely to be deterred. Of course, labeling can also work Vice versa, but in any case, editorial media, serve as Efficient in the policy. Because of the very classically-influenced the political Public sphere is hardly able, with the ambivalence and Diffusivity of network-based movements.

Political perplexity as in the case of Occupy Wall Street

If the uniqueness is in the interior, hardly any – as it is now still in the “yellow West” – it is often said from the outside, because the policy needs clarity for a meaningful response. You may not see this as “conspiracy”, it rather shows the inability of the structures of the 20. Century, with the new, social-media movements of the 21st century. Century in meaningful ways. If perplexity generate energy could be, could hold the government Macron currently in the polar ice caps, three Winter ice-free. Similar was observed in the case of Occupy Wall Street, the movement that came to be structurally the “yellow West” in the Western world to the next.

the strength of The “yellow West” but is also described in the, network typical Diffusivity. It is suitable also for the identification of, the participants tend to see the aspects that you want to see, Interference tends to be hidden. This also has to do with the phenomenon of the filter bubble: The private, the social-media environment, it is more likely to find the items that you share. Therefore, different groups can go in yellow vests on the road – with very different political attitudes, the talk massive. That Protest ignited the price of gasoline, has already happened more and more often here, because this measure can be found from almost all political directions, each with different justifications outrageous:

from a left perspective, it hits the poor workers who are forced to because of the shameful public transport in France, to drive a car. from an ecological perspective, it is a distraction, if at the same time, polluting corporations are hardly taken in a duty from an economic liberal perspective, it is the middle class disturbing increase of the tax from a conservative perspective, is intervention in private ownership and the freedom of movement of citizens is restricted, and the right perspective, the left-green eco-conflicts policy with the needs of the “little man”

Really new to the unusual mobilisation of eligible net movement of the “yellow West” is a digital Instrument of the Smartphone Era: The Wutselfie, an instant into the Smartphone spoken, unfiltered, emotional Wutvideo. The most-watched Videos of this type have million orders, their perceived authenticity and Unplanbarkeit they are an expression of the “yellow West”movement. The analysis of these Selfie Videos, mostly in a very true-to-life environments, shot, leads to track down the backgrounds.

Because the Basis of the outrage – despite the price of petrol-event – the long-simmering social problems in France. The Integration of Muslim people has barely worked, and partly out of racist reasons, and partly due to the emergence and strengthening of parallel structures of society. Additional Migration is perceived by people as a threat, the wing otherwise as left or liberal. The threat to public security by Islamist terrorism.

At the same time a social shift has taken place: Although the country is economically comparatively well, benefit from it according to his own sensation, less and less people. The elites have people recognizable decoupled from the reality of the socially weaker asked. Often a shared Symbol of this is the Video of a Macron-members who showed understanding for the minimum wage-receiver. The didn’t know but on demand, how high the minimum wage is actually. Therefore, the sympathy was seen as a hypocrisy, which fits to the perception of the lifted and life felt government.

More on the topic of “yellow West”protests rejection of a society

Yellow West is the new Guy Fawkes masks. This proves that in the last ten years, the forms of organization and instruments of the network are leaked the avant-garde in the population. This is also true for the unfavorable sides: If a yellow vest and the creation of a Facebook-rich group, as part of the movement perceived, and classic media are also from a lack of expertise ready to measure at individual groups, the entire movement – then enormous potential for Abuse.

network-based movements are prone to Manipulation, because a comparatively small but very active and vocal groups can shape the perception of inside and outside in a short period of time, or umprägen. A number of very different actors therefore tried to exploit the anger of the “yellow West”, parties, unions, Right-wing, left-nationalists and, of course, those that are suspected to operate in a coordinated Propaganda.

It is unclear who will gain the upper hand, but even here, movements can be based on other Network to make a forecast meeting: On Christmas decides whether the movement is greater, large, or passes. And in the new year, it is clear what will be the different political currents of the “yellow vests” the historically decisive.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.