The French police in the centre of Paris, various control points were created where each scans, the the for today planned a Demonstration of the yellow West wants to participate. In the process, so far, 278 people had been arrested, reported the German press Agency, citing the police. The French newspaper Le Figaro even wrote from 320 arrests.

In France is expected to have serious riots in the protests of the yellow West, particularly in the capital. The government has mobilized the country’s 89,000 security forces, in Paris, it is 8,000. The are about a third more than last Saturday, as the civil war went similar images to the world.

Also in cities such as Lyon, at toll stations on highways and in train stations, there were controls. Some of the arrests occurred on Friday evening. Police and intelligence services would have taken, especially the extreme Right, reported the newspaper Le Monde.

sights locked

the reason for the arrest was, in many cases, that people have joined a group, the “violence against persons or the destruction of objects” have prepared, it said. In the case of the controls, masks, slingshots, hammers and paving stones had been found. The police seized, but also helmets and goggles – things with which the protesters try to protect themselves from the effects of water – and stone-throwers.

The protest movement of the yellow West, calls for, among other things, tax cuts. Their anger is directed against President Emmanuel Macron and his reform policy. In the whole of France on the weekend of protest actions are planned.

In the city centre are blocked for this reason, many museums and attractions such as the Eiffel tower. The police has instructed shops and Restaurants around the Boulevard Champs-Elysées and the arc de Triomphe, to barricade your inputs to looting and smashed-avoid window as of last Saturday.

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