France – students demonstrate against reforms In several French cities have set fire to a students cars with stones at the police thrown in. This reacted with the use of tear gas. © Photo: GERARD JULIEN/AFP/

In the case of renewed demonstrations in France, the police arrested 146 people, mostly students, protesting in the vicinity of a school in Mantes-la-Jolie, the police announced. The students would have rioted in the North-West of Paris near the place, it said.

Also in universities, there were protests. Parts of the Paris University of Sorbonne were closed Thursday, the University announced. According to media reports, previously, several people had tried to occupy.

the President of The National students Union, Louis Boyard, said the TV station BFMTV, if the education Minister does not give soon, “a strong answer”, there will be deaths. He feared the protests by violence – and called at the same time to rest. According to information from the transmitter to the Paris region were large-about a hundred educational institutions of the actions affected.

tax increases expose

pupils and students in France block since Monday educational institutions. In the coming week and the farmers want to demonstrate. The starting point for demonstrations around the country, the protests of the so-called yellow the West, demonstrating since mid-November against the tax increase plans, and other charges by the government. Most recently, these protests ended in violence.

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, had announced on Wednesday evening that the tax increases for gasoline and Diesel for 2019 to suspend. On Thursday afternoon, Premier Édouard Philippe gave a government Declaration to the planned taxes in the French Senate. He had previously tried to meet with representatives of the protest, but in vain. On Wednesday, he had declared before the national Assembly. Macron himself held back after his return from the G20 summit in Argentina with public appearances.

The weekend could escalate the violence further: Around the arc de Triomphe in Paris, where it had been last weekend’s riots, is already police. Officials blocked access to the landmark. Individual shops on the Champs-Élysées were backed up.

football games canceled

Due to possible further riots, several football games have been canceled, including Friday’s scheduled match between AS Monaco and OGC nice. A originally for the Sunday scheduled game between AS Saint Etienne and Olympique Marseille has been postponed.

can be used to place According to the French news Agency AFP, the for the games provided for police officers at the Games in the demonstrations of the yellow West. Because of the protests also scheduled for Saturday match between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Montpellier HSC, as well as the match between Toulouse and Lyon was postponed.

head of government, Philippe said, for Saturday of 65,000 security forces would be mobilised. They would be all over the country. This was an “extraordinary resources,” said Philippe.

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