Olivier Faure is directly pointed out by the tenors of the socialist Party (PS) starters, Emmanuel Maurel, and Marie-Noëlle Lienemann. Saturday, the first secretary took the opportunity to settle accounts. He explained that the socialists will ” never populist “, and denounced a way that ” is the one of the one-upmanship “. “We have never gone this route, that of populism, said Olivier Faure during a national council of the socialists in Paris. Because if we had followed, then we would not have abolished the death penalty or implemented marriage for all. “

” Then, dear comrades, we will never be populist. Socialist yes. Environmentalists yes, democrats yes. Populist ever. This is the profound disagreement that I have with Emmanuel Maurel “, has launched the mp of Seine-et-Marne. “Populism, it is first and foremost a way of deceiving the people. We have never been, we’ll never. There is sometimes the need to get ahead on a number of topics, public opinion (…). I am convinced that the policy is to federate around a project (…). The left has always fought against populism, ” insisted the first secretary with the press.

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Marie-Noëlle Lienemann greeted by boos

In his speech, Olivier Faure, said his desire to continue on the path of the socialists, ” which is not that of one-upmanship. Because one-upmanship, it is always the shortest path to move in a common cause to lost illusions “– an obvious allusion to the name of the club created by the flow of the Emmanuel Maurel with the MRC, ” Our common cause “.

The national council of the PS devoted to the question of the european stood in the aftermath of the announcement of the departure of the PS in the mep Emmanuel Maurel, a leader of the left wing of the party, with a party of his troops. Not surprisingly, senator Marie-Noëlle Lienemann has followed in his footsteps on Saturday. Coming to explain his choice, to his fellow socialists, she was greeted at the podium with boos, according to participants. The relatives of the Stéphane Le Foll have left the room in protest. “It was a break with the PS, it does not break with the mandates held by the socialist Party. She was elected on a list, the least would be that she says she will leave the Senate. She remains there “, for its part, torpedoed Mr. Faure in front of the press.

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