Physically, the most get up early to the school, all of the deficits on admission.Every third preterm infants has long term emotional, social and cognitive difficulties.The children need more support to overcome their Anxiety and communication weakness.

children who grow less than 36 weeks in the womb are considered preterm. In the 1980s, you had before the 30. Week of life is hardly a chance of Survival. If, however, often remained severe disabilities. Today, the medicine can bring about true miracles: It is 80 percent of the babies born after only 26 weeks, 85 per cent of patients survive without major health problems. No later than the start of School do not differ from regular children born.

adult preemies: Introverted and contact scouring,

How, and sustained time in the womb, shows a whole series of recent studies, dealing with the mental and intellectual development of early-born deal. Dieter Wolke, Professor of developmental psychology at the University of Warwick, has conducted a long-term study, which investigated for the first time, the personality of preterm infants than adults. He asked for 200 early-born from the years 1985 and 86 with the middle of 20 and a peer control group that came to the calculated date to the world.

The result: children with less than 1500 grams birth weight, or prior to the end of the 32. Week to the world, adults are often anxious, insecure, and introverted. You shy away from risks, as well as social contacts and find it difficult to communicate with other locker. The earlier the birth took place, the more pronounced the characteristics of the goods. This has consequences on relationships and the professional.

Of the respondents, in the meantime, 26-year-old early, a quarter had never had a sexual relationship – in the control group, there were less than one percent. The premature close, however, her parents especially.

in addition to the emotional deficits in infants have early more often cognitive weaknesses. You are slow to learn, Express themselves less well, or mathematical thinking. Your IQ is ten points below the average. In adult life reduces the career opportunities and leads to below average income.

Create helicopter parents, anxious children?

“There is a presumption that overprotective parents were fearful beings of many early-born guilt always comes quickly,” says Dieter Wolke. “In fact, one of our studies has shown, however, that parents behave so differently.”

The children, however, are extremely sensitive to negative environmental events and experiences. Your mental resistance is lower than that of children who are born at term.

However, parents should not grant you, but all the difficulties of the way, advises psychologist. Parents should support the children, rather, to be brave, to trust, and from time to time impose.

premature babies to strengthen would be important, because the fearful, introverted children are very often Victims of bullying in the school. This is also demonstrated by a new study from the Department of the Dieter Wolke. “Here are the children of helicopter are actually affected particularly often-parents.” And he says: “The bullying risk extends into adulthood. Also, our data show.“

preemies personality in the brain created?

it is Unclear whether brain changes are the cause for the premature personality. It is established that there are abnormalities in the brains of babies that have to create the last phase of development outside of the Womb.

scientists at Washington University in St. Louis have compared the brain recordings of newborns and premature infants at the time of their scheduled birth. There are differences in the white matter, the part of the Central nervous system, where the exchange of information between the regions of the brain. Affected areas for attention, communication, and emotions. Similar abnormalities in the white matter found in brain scans of premature adult.

brain development in the incubator to promote

The researchers suspect that premature babies develop completely normal, can use the brain’s ability to transfer the tasks of the defective areas on other regions of the brain. It must now be the task of the research, these findings specifically for the support of premature infants in the incubator.

To behave, to attract attention

not succeed as long As the support of brain development in the incubator, does not require experts such as Dieter Wolke more attention for early on in Childhood, including the promotion of a healthy personality: “These children, they are well-behaved and don’t make any Trouble. You don’t get from teachers and parents, often the attention and support they need in Learning or social behavior.“

The development of a psychologist draws a comparison: “There is ‘dandelion children’, and do not need much, so it’s good for you. Premature infants, however, are more like orchids. Since must vote in all conditions, so that they can achieve their full potential.“

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