additional evidence of a party affair donation in the case of the AfD: According to research of the image on Sunday, the group “The wings racking up” to the Thuringian AfD-Chef Björn Höcke for your work of money – however, past the AfD bodies. This is clear from internal documents. So Höcke called in a Christmas-Mail of the wing to donate to the external Association “Conservative!”, with those “wings”-events are to be financed.

According to a confidential Protocol, the Mail concern in the Federal Board of AfD is already in Trouble. “The wings” should only, in consultation with the treasure of the party master to collect money. The case could bring the mother party, therefore, considerable problems: the AfD escapes through donations to an external club money, the club could be revenue as an illegal party donation count, because with the money events of the party could be financed. A request from the image on Sunday, the party left unanswered.

even now, the AfD’s donation in the midst of a party affair because of dubious payments in the amount of 130. 000 euros from Switzerland. The decision of the constitutional protection to monitor the AfD is stronger, holds a clear majority of the German right. In an Emnid-survey, 71 percent of the respondents did not find a stronger AfD-observation correctly, 18 per cent.


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