Last weekend, I watched with my children the Netflix Christmas movie, a kind of in fictional Form-molded stock of the current meaning of Christmas. Netflix puts, as we know, a lot of value to the masses of usage data in the design of its products. A Netflix-Santa would have to be a kind of algorithmically optimized, perfect Mainstream Santa Claus.

he is Played in the current work, “Christmas Chronicles” by Kurt Russell, which I think is great: The rattlesnake returns to Manhattan, this time with a white beard instead of eyes flap, a red leather jacket instead of a brown leather jacket, and jokes about Overweight. The most interesting aspect of the Film, but especially, as he Faith, and piety is treated.

the Christmas spirit without the gifts? How is this going to go?

the heroes of The film are two children who have lost their father through an accident. You try to ask Santa for a video camera case, with success. Shortly thereafter, the two stowaways in the Scandinavian design of a passenger aircraft slide bring almost to a crash. The reindeer make a flying of the gift bag is lost. No Gifts! Christmas is approaching failure.

Kurt Russell do not need to, in order for the acts too crass consumerist, occasionally, on a special wrist watch and is concerned to warn that the Christmas spirit sun now only at 33 percent. And the people are in need this Christmas mood yet so urgently. But how to do that without gifts?

the core of The Christmas faith: Believe in yourself!

of Course, the two children have to help now. The older Boy purified threatened to get on the wrong track. A pack of Christmas elves, very much reminiscent of Gremlins, and beat up bad guys. At one point the smart little sister flakes in a magical, leather-bound book in which the pedigrees of all the “believers” are recorded. Pleased you notes that all your family members are listed across the generations – only your brother. The black sheep.

Three-quarters of all Americans consider themselves Christian. Almost half of the sub-group, which calls itself a “very religious”, supports the adulterer and notorious liar Donald Trump.

What all the “believers” in the great Nicholas faith’s book but in the Film, actually, except for the Santa Claus, is pronounced a single Time. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the rest of the staff will remain unmentioned. Instead, the Nicholas explained to the confused Teenager at some point, that is, to believe in themselves.

self-esteem, and guys with chain saws

Netflix has gutted the ingredients of American Christmas folklore, and instead of Christianity, the American dream put in: Believe in yourself!

in Between, confused, Santa Claus, a insubordinate officers, by he hands him the Christmas wishes of his Childhood on the table, including a “Star Wars” and “G. I. Joe”action figure.

This seems to be the Neflix’ Big Data view of the world, according to the maximum acceptable residual of Christmas: The Bishop of Myra, is supposed to have lived 300 years after Christ, now in the red leather coat. A well-fitting sense of self-worth, cute dwarf creatures with chain saws and gifts from brand-name manufacturers.

as a reminder: Actually, this Fixed the alleged birthday of a without act of procreation, begotten child, which is then nailed 30 years later on the cross, so that his father can forgive us of our sins.

As it is the Christmas faith with us

is appointed Now, only about 55 percent of the population belong to, for example, in Germany a Christian Church, the largest denominational group is the “unchurched”. And of these, 55 per cent, only a fraction from Conviction a Christian.

There are a variety of studies, unfortunately, usually without long-term consistency. My favorite was already done in 1989 by the Institute for demoskopie allensbach. The respondents of all the fact were presented to the statements from the Christian faith, commitment to assessment, which is different for Catholics and Protestants, as we know, barely. Even then, only 65 percent of Catholics and 52 percent of Protestants with the concept of “Jesus son of God” I agree.

Religion comes just behind private television

Interviewed only West German members of the respective churches. And that was 30 years ago. Since then, the churches have lost millions of members. For many “Christians” in Germany, the Christianity today is primarily a distinguishing feature compared to the others, especially Muslims and Jews. Rather unchristian if you ask me.

another interesting date in this connection: A study of BAT Foundation, 36 percent of Germans say today that Religion is important to you. Religion ranked accordingly in terms of the personal importance of each of 16 percentage points behind the values of “brand diversity” and “private TV”. This fits somehow to the Netflix-Santa Claus.

in other words: Christmas is for the vast majority of the population, no longer a “Christian” in the strict sense of the word. It is, alternatively or in any combination, pagan, traditional, commercial, or just a family Ritual, aligned with the market, stomach, and the children’s sake. As the carnival. Keyword “Christmas Mood”.

admit it, you should, at the very least. Personally, I think the by the way not bad – but I love Halloween.

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