The parent column for Advanced write Here, alternately, Armin Himmelrath, Birte Müller and Silke Fokken about life with children between the first and the last day of school.

The children are out of the house, life is returning to normal. No 200-Euro shopping more on Saturday morning, because three hungry half strong for impossible food Lingen quantities of waste. No hours blocked to use the bathroom, because the hair for the “preheat” not yet wish to sit. No wandering aimlessly in the hallway gekickten shoes, the “be” smoothed out – so at some point between now and next year.

in October, my youngest son, a study has been taken up and moved out, home is much more relaxed. Never would I admit publicly that I used and not abgeräumten glasses are missing on the kitchen table. Or me the a relaxing read of the newspaper is preparing on the Breakfast table no less joy than the weird debates with my Junior about his plans for the future, the need for witness vouchers, money, or the period of validity of clean-up.

no, since my sons have moved out, there is finally a deeper peace. A pretty boring peace, Yes. But all the same: peace!

about The author Jessica Meyer Armin Himmelrath, Born in 1967, education journalist, lives in the Rhineland, and comes with his three sons (19, 20, 23) to a total of more than three decades of school-based parents experience. His Motto In Life: Serenity. Serenity. Serenity, damn it!

So the real joy and deep mistrust were at the same time, my middle son in the autumn, shortly after the beginning of the semester, opened: “I’m moving in.” He grazed for a long time, and with a grin on my facial expression, before he added: “Only for four weeks, for an internship.”

More, he said smugly, he would not stand at all. But because he had to take as a budding teachers insights into the teaching practice of an elementary school, he thought that the educational institution a few blocks would be more suitable for this, but quite excellent, “because of the free accommodation. We are supposed to always be economical.”

My attempt to illustrate to him the difference between “free” and “for him free of charge”, he just let in roll off your back. “Aren’t you excited?”, he interrupted me with a concerned face (probably feigned). “But, of course I am!”, I assured quickly. In my head I flipped the amounts of milk and bread, I need to create in the coming weeks, in addition would.


When he came with his large travel bag, that was then but honestly a little bit like early Christmas. We fell into the arms of his old room was vacuumed and cleaned, in the evening, we sat together and ate and drank and talked.

more Precisely: on the first evening. On the first Morning after the temporary back-feed and it went to the question of who could shoot the dog round. “I? No way! I have played up to four, am now back full in in Mario Kart,” muttered it under the duvet. Only curses, and threats (“I’ll disinherit you!”, “There is not a single Time in your favorite food!”) I managed to lure the 20-Year-old from the with great connoisseurship quickly recovered the Chaos of his room and force him to the aisle with the dog.

As an offer of Reconciliation after this morning’s dispute on day one, I prepared the Breakfast, with Egg and orange juice. As my son after the dog, his shoes, walk aimlessly in the hallway, kicked out and on the table had taken, and the Breakfast offer with the cell phone photographed (“I snappe the time, short”), I told him forcefully to our old rule: “No phone at the dinner table!” Consistency is the Basis of a good education, because to me, many MIRRORS have reminded readers again and again.

It reminded the in contrast, the standard script of our old conflicts. “Dude,” he groaned annoyed, put the device in a provocative slowly into his pocket, drained his juice glass in a fast train, stood up and announced: “I’m going to go to sleep.” Good idea, I thought. Only three weeks and six days.

In parent self-help groups, I’m going to get since been the consolation and the certainty that I am not alone. “Exactly what age it happens that the children on the Please, buy milk to go with the ‘Yeah, right’ answers, and not with a facial expression as if they were just to 20 years in Siberian labour camps had been sentenced to?”, wrote to me a few days later, a friend of mother.

“no, absolutely not in front of a 20”, I could only reply. And not even then, if the children are actually already moved out.

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