confessions of equality, one hears almost on a daily basis. On Sunday, Minister of justice Katarina Barley revolted, she saw a “sea of gray suits”, if you looks from the government bench in the plenary of the Bundestag. The electoral law needed to be changed. The same sort of rigour to their words sounded, when she was asked why women are disadvantaged in the Administrative heads of the government: “We see this everywhere, in business, in politics – if no commitment is there, then nothing can be seen, the proportion of women in leadership positions.” The Federal government should, however, be a good role model and wants to bring, therefore, a “law” to achieve, by 2025, the proportion of women is at least 50 percent in levels of management.

desire and reality apart. Indeed, the Federal government has done almost nothing to your promise to redeem.

Barley was in response to a Search of TIME ONLINE, which had shown that the government penalises women for years, systematically in filling senior positions in Federal ministries and Federal authorities, as well as in promotion. Your claim was not a spontaneous idea. The project is also in the coalition agreement: “We want to reach, therefore, the equal participation of women and men in the management functions of the public service of 2025.”

Almost ineffective

One of the concerns that the Minister seemed to be important. As TIME inquired ONLINE in mid-October in your Ministry, how far the plans had progressed, the answer was: “It is intended, together with the Federal Ministry of justice a draft law to be submitted to the appropriate vote has begun.”

However, a new law, no more talk now. On a written demand of the Green parliamentary group in the Bundestag, the Federal Minister for family Affairs said now, it is working together with the Ministry of justice a first draft, with the existing equality law should be changed.

This law is expected to be a Supplement, but almost ineffective. The corresponding working draft is ONLINE. Contained in the formulations, there is a fear that the government will not redeem its promise once again. The equality act is intended only to be a rider adds: “The joint participation is to be achieved by women and men in leadership positions in accordance with the provisions of this act, up to the year 2025.”


What sounds like a good Plan, veiled in a decades-long failure. It is precisely this equality was enacted, the Federal government is already 17 years ago. As long as there is the Federal equality law already. Many of the ministries and Federal authorities ignored the rule, however. This is simply because the law provides no sanctions for the case that it is disregarded.

The reform draft now omits, once again, such sanctions. Ministries and Federal authorities, which have not kept up to date on the law, might so offend in the future, however, and would have to fear no consequences.

Still is only a very early Form of a change in the law that has not passed through all of the ministries involved. Yet so under-ambitious, as the design is formulated, it leaves little room for hope that he will be strengthened in the coordination process between the ministries is essential.

A date of when the law should be introduced amendments to the Parliament, there are also. Such an appointment could not call the Ministry in the “present stage of the Proceedings,” on the question of the Greens.

No comment

How to low interest of other ministries dealing with the promotion of women in management functions, you can read the example of the Federal foreign office. There, the proportion of female executives is just 13 percent.

On Twitter, the Ministry commented on these Figures: “it’s annoying to us, also open to the public.” The permanent staff in the higher service is still predominantly male. “Something has to change!” But who wanted to know, after these words, what has made the Foreign office because, specifically, experienced a Surprise. The foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, said first ready, to respond in writing to the appropriate Demands of TIME ONLINE. His answers were but for a week. The Ministry said the Interview finally.

The Opposition in the Bundestag, the intermediate state ambitionslos. At least a binding timetable and specific targets, how the targets are to be achieved, one might have expected, says Ulle Schauws, the wife of a politician of the Green group in the Bundestag.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.