Because of the racist insults against Kalidou Koulibaly of SSC Napoli of the Italian football Federation has to play Inter Milan at home in front of empty stands condemned. In a further section, the fan section in the Giuseppe-Meazza-stadium must remain empty, as the news Agency Ansa reported.

the games against Benevento in the Cup and Sassuolo in the Serie A; in a home game without Fans Inter encounters Bologna.

Napoli’s Kalidou Koulibaly (front), coach Carlo Ancelotti (R)

Koulibaly, a native Frenchman who plays for the Senegal, was won during the Hits, the third Inter 1:0, multi-monkeys are been provoked by the tribune. “What happened today is not only for us, not good. It is also not good for Italian football as a whole,” said Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti after the final whistle. “We have three times requested and the referee team had asked for the match to interrupt.”

Milan’s mayor, Giuseppe Sala, has condemned the abuse in a Facebook Post. There, he spoke of a “shameful act against a true athlete, wears his color with Pride.”

Racist chants in Serie A already, and repeatedly, to the exclusions of Fans. Also Inter was affected. In 2014, the club had to close his Stand for two games, was discriminatory at the end of chants against Napoli-timer. 2013 xenophobia led in the game against Juventus in part, to the exclusion of the spectators.

The 1:0 against SSC Koulibaly himself had been the referee of the field referred to, because he had to clap after a Yellow card scornfully. For this he was sentenced by the court to a two-match suspension.

Around the top of the game, there had been riots. A 35-Year old died in the hospital.


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