Channel 9 issued an apology for its "racist" jokes about K-pop band BTS in English and Korean in its Tweet.

Australian TV station comes under fire

Channel 9, an Australian TV station, comes under criticism as it recently aired an entertainment show that is accused of including “racist jokes” about seven-member K-pop band BTS.

In the program, named “20 to one,” British comedian Jimmy Carr said, “when I first heard something Korean had exploded in America, I got worried. So it could have been worse. But not much worse.”

Describing BTS as the “biggest band you’ve never heard of,” the show’s two hosts also said that the boy group had a No. 1 single in the United States despite that “only one band member actually speaks English.”

BTS leader RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon, is the only fluent English speaker. Some of his bandmates also dabbled in the language but cannot have confident conversations.

Hence, RM made a speech last year at the United Nations about youth programs. While featuring the footage, however, the show joked their UN visit was about “hair products.”

This prompted BTS fans to lash out at the channel with some calling it “offensive” and even “racist.”

Channel 9 issued an apology in a tweet, “We apologize for any disrespect and offense taken.”

But BTS fans, otherwise known as ARMY, seems to remain unhappy with the response.

The wording seems to communicate that there’s no remorse for what was shared. I’m curious whether you recognize offense was taken because it’s offensive to promote ignorant xenophobia and then have partakers wonder why we don’t find it funny,” a fan wrote.

Countless others echoed the sentiments.

This statement means ‘we don’t find our actions or my words to be wrong, but if anyone else did, then that is unfortunate, next time we’ll make sure not to get caught in the act.’ Take responsibility, admit your actions in detail, on live TV, just like those terrible remarks,” another fan wrote.

One also wrote “The only reason you’re apologizing is because it got big. You aren’t sorry at all, but just worried about views and reputation.”

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