The AfD in the Bundestag, Jens Maier wants to challenge a judgment of the district court of Berlin, which required him to pay 15,000 euros for Pain and suffering to the artist, Noah Becker. “Of course we’ll appeal,” said Maier’s attorney Maximilian Krah of the MIRROR.

the decision of The competent press chamber is in many respects faulty, said Krah. Alone, the amount of the sum to be oversubscribed as “grotesque”. You’ll have to bring the case in doubt “until the Federal court of justice”.

Maier had taken his lawyer, according to the judgment “with great Surprise note”. The right-wing politician, judge a. D., used to be a member of a press chamber in Dresden.

Beckers media lawyer, Christian-Oliver Moser told the MIRROR: “The decision of the district court is very convincing. A calling we left.”

Racist Tweet

the occasion of the dispute is a racist Tweet that was sent at the beginning of 2018 from the official Twitter account of the politician. Therein, Becker, referred to as the son of tennis legend Boris Becker, because of his dark skin color as a “small Negro”. The AfD man claims not to have written the entry, but one of his employees, for the maintenance of the Accounts.

A criminal case on suspicion of insulting the public Prosecutor’s office in Dresden in late summer. Maier’s staff admitted officially to have the Tweet without the consultation published, and drew the investigations against. A lawsuit to 15,000 euros for Pain and suffering held in the Becker-page upright. It was a serious violation of personality rights. Maier was as an Account owner for the Tweet responsible.

The court gave to Becker last week in the full extent of the law. In the written grounds of judgment, which is the MIRROR, says: Even if the employee had written the entry, Maier. He had dispensed with a control package and be entered into a risk. “A Discharge in respect of serious violations of personality rights is not possible.”

“shouldn’t happen”

declare The amount of damages for Pain and suffering, the severity of insult to be strong. You have to take into account the economic circumstances of Becker and Maier, also the model function Maiers as a member of the German Bundestag. Basically, pain money should not only bring personal satisfaction, but also copycats scare you.

Maier’s lawyer Krah said: “The German law on damages liability for the actions of third parties.” Which is why this case should be an exception, made it difficult for him not to be. It was clear that the tweets constituted an insult. “This never should have happened.”

Up to 21. February can load Maier is officially the appeal to the Berlin court of appeal. The next and last extraordinary instance of the Federal court of justice. A Revision after a decision of the court of appeal would not be automatically possible.

Becker had made Maier the proposal that politicians should donate 7500 dollars for a charitable organization. In the case, Becker would have waived the civil action. The politicians refused, Becker went to court.

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