It was the face of the AfD, but a power struggle over the party leadership in the summer of 2015 led to his exit. Since then it has become quiet around the party founder, Bernd Lucke. His AfD spin-off Alfa’s, so far no success. Now Lucke reports with criticism of his Ex-party.

The AfD is, in its view, a case for the protection of the Constitution. “There are people and organizations in the AfD, whose loyalty to the Constitution can doubt,” says Lucke in an Interview with “time”. “I’m here for the precautionary principle: The protection of the Constitution should observe the parts of the AfD rather than the pins, perhaps to disaster.”

in mid-January, had declared the Behördedie AfD nationwide as a test case and takes it more under observation. Still more specifically, the authority wants to look at the law, national “wings” and the boys Alternative: they have been declared to be a suspected case.

For Lucke, the Parliament sits for the group of the European Conservatives and reformists (ECR) in Europe, the AfD today, “a latent xenophobic, German nationalist party with right-wing pockets”. The 56-year-old Professor of Economics, since 2013 Co-chair of the AfD.

Lucke doubts in the “time” that it is possible to have been Right-wing from the AfD. New members flat-rate to refuse, forbid to say the party law, and no interested party “on recording the conversation that he considers the Holocaust for a bird’s-scared,” says Lucke.

On the question of whether he would start the AfD today, once again, replied hatch: “no. Quite clearly, no.” From the AfD had become “a different party”: “A, I would not have founded that I didn’t like to promote and I choose not to.”

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