As the "image" newspaper reported it, of 95,000 cars in the Euro-6-Norm – specifically, the models Zafira, Cascada and Insignia from the years 2012, 2014 and 2017. There should be a display of the force travel Federal office in Flensburg, according to the paper. “We determined because of the initial suspicion of fraud because of the marketing of diesel-powered vehicles with modified exhaust-Software" quoted "image" the Prosecutor’s office. The KBA should find was officially an Exhaust gas, to come to the vehicle owners, mandatory recalls and Software Updates. Opel Opel Zafira Tourer as a Diesel. The model is now again under suspicion of manipulation

in 2016, Opel is under suspicion of fraud

Opel saw, among other things, the old Zafira, model year 2016, the accusations, similar to how VW is an illegal switch-off device fitted to the exhaust emission values of the diesel engine. According to the VW scandal Commission of inquiry appointed at the Ministry of transport considered this, but had apparently at first no doubt. Opel has rejected the accusation always and the reduction of the exhaust-gas cleaning in a wide temperature range and at high speeds, with the protection of important components in the vehicle are justified. This is technically necessary and legal.

the manufacturer’s

To the current search, said an Opel spokesman told FOCUS Online: "Opel confirmed that the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office at the locations in Rüsselsheim and Kaiserslautern carry out investigations in the framework of a criminal investigation to the subject of emissions. To not be able to see Details of the current procedure, we Express ourselves at the present time. The company is cooperating fully with the authorities. The company confirms that its vehicles comply with the regulations in force." GM’s Chevrolet Cruze in 2017 as a Diesel model.

diesel engines could eventually be involved with Opel’s former parent General Motors in the exhaust gas scandal also came in the USA

With the new investigation in the case of Opel, because the diesel engines were also models in the US – Chevrolet. In the case of measurements of the KBA, the Chevrolet Cruze (a sister model of the Opel Astra) to fell, especially with the Euro 5 emission standard – he was in the real traffic in 1864 micrograms, about ten-fold above the laboratory limit. The current Cruze model is also get with a diesel engine. In Europe, the Chevrolet brand has withdrawn some years ago, on the other hand completely out of the market.

Diesel-Insider: Why the exhaust scandal, all the manufacturers of related to FOCUS Online Insider grabs: There was the clean-Diesel – and that’s why you don’t want to have To take him tremble, even Renault and Fiat?

Actually, the Opel case was laid-Diesel already in the files – the new crackdown could well be an indication that the investigation be extended once again. The manufacturers with the largest deviations between the Test and real traffic, which are, according to experts, just have a hard time with motor-protective measures or similar technical requirements of justifiable, include models of Renault or Fiat. Vehicles from Hyundai, Jeep, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo, Dacia and Nissan had been objected to according to the KBA-measurements from the year 2016. It was the controversial "Temperature", in which the exhaust cleaning has been disabled.

quarrel-point temperature window

The manufacturer justified with the protection of engine components. While some systems were allowed to have according to experts, at least according to the then state of the art, such functions, there are other manufacturers, apparently, with switch-off functions are greatly exaggerated. The basic problem with the review is that the regulatory authorities have for years approved, apparently, also such systems.

A hand is not have against the manufacturer outside of Germany have, however, recently emphasized that the Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer, because the exhaust-admission is carried out, for example, in France or Italy. Already Scheuers predecessor Dobrindt has been dumped from Italy, ice-cold, as he pointed to a massive limit values are Exceeded in the case of Fiat diesel engines.

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