the time for the joint Meeting should be no sociable mood: seven o’clock in the morning, the Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bahn, Richard Lutz had to compete with two of his colleagues on the Board, in the case of transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. The icy atmosphere is not changed, the Meeting was declared to the Public as a “Breakfast”. The rail-head is fighting for its Survival, and therefore it did not take long until he’s a very important film on the wall read, he wants to save his head. Your core message in a number: 6.5 percent.

This is the value of the punctuality of the railway in the month of December compared to the previous month has changed – for the better.

the Exact ratios that needs to Lutz: are An improvement, the power of the customer is noticeable.

As Minister of transport, Scheuer can’t politically continue the train Manager, because he can himself do not need any more crises in their area: According to the radio holes, the Diesel scandal and the toll the Chaos of the theme track for it is as superfluous as a goiter. “We must get the Image that people think of as nothing runs together,” said Scheuer, therefore, also in a press conference following the two-hour meeting with the railway Board.

focus on the eyes of the needles

The success criterion for punctuality, so the workers tried to convey it in your presentation, will you get to the handle that focuses on the major bottlenecks accross the rail network. This is the Part of the infrastructure-the management Board Ronald Pofalla, before the Minister presented. In these corridors, where the number of trains passing through is far in excess of the load limit, catch the trains much too often, your delays.

a construction site between Fulda and Frankfurt is sufficient, and the delayed onward journey of the train puts on the entire System. Therefore, it is said Pofalla, construction sites planned so that their impact on traffic are as low as possible. In the congestion in and around Dortmund, for example, he explained, had achieved its first successes. The improved timeliness of statistics was also a consequence of this new management.

But what have submitted the workers to the Minister, is not enough for him, apparently. Officially, Scheuer says, it was at the time that you want to meet on Thursday again. Then it should go also in the financing of the proposed measures. But the Minister also hinted that much of what is presented to the train Manager, was still imprecise. And also the leadership don’t work optimally.

“The communication of the Board from top to bottom, needs to be improved,” he said after the Meeting – a clear indication that Lutz must be submitted on Thursday proposals for how the Board will be converted. In the conversation is to expand the leadership are two representatives that are responsible for long – Distance and regional traffic as well as freight transport.

criticism of the Opposition

at the Meeting in the Ministry of present transport policy of the Grand coalition were not yet satisfied. “I expect by the management Board of Deutsche Bahn, a robust Plan of how you want the problems in the interest of your customers to Park,” said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Sören Bartol: “I want to hear in the next few days more binding statements.”

The Opposition is calling for even further measures. The FDP-transport expert Christian Jung calls already, the replacement of the existing Executive Board and a rapid replacement. “You can’t perform every week two crisis meetings with the same personalities”. Young calls for the Federal government as the owner, that you, yourself, point clear, “as you see, structurally, operationally and in terms of personnel, the future of the German railway”. To this end, a Zukunftspakts also under participation of the FDP and the Greens, while the “separation of network and operation of thought is not a taboo”.

Scheuer does not want the destruction of the railway, of course, Lutz, however, is fighting. But this increasingly loud demands for a hard cut to get the Two from the world, if you present as quickly as possible, with tangible successes. To Thursday, Lutz now has time to fine-tune his proposals.

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