At the Start of its great citizens ‘ debate has given to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, a crisis of the middle class. It was a “social fracture,” said Macron in front of about 600 mayors in the municipality of Grand Bourgtheroulde in Normandy on Tuesday.

The term “social fracture” had already been coined by the former head of state Jacques Chirac in the 1990s. Particularly, the middle class would pay the bill for the crises of the past few years, said Macron.

in response to the protests of the “yellow West”-movement

The 41-Year-old-wide dialogue that will run up to mid-March, responding with the land, mass protests of the “yellow West”movement. It is regarded as the biggest challenge for the young head of state. The “yellow vests” are turning against the reform policy of the centre government, some are calling for the resignation of Macrons. Again and again it came in the last two months of riots (read more here). Before the gym, some of the “yellow West demonstrated” as seen on TV images. A large security contingent on-site.

Macron: “There are no taboos”

the debate can make citizens ‘ proposals on the topics of taxes, ecological Transition, democracy and Migration as well as the organization of the state. The debate should be under the auspices of the mayor. Then concrete decisions are expected to follow. Macron had listed in a letter to the French of nearly three dozen individual questions. “There are no taboos,” he said now, at the opening event of the debate. Previously had accused him of Left, certain topics to be excluded.

In the dispute over the property tax Macron to talk. The question for him was “neither a taboo, nor is it a Totem,” said the social liberal head of state. The tax had been abolished with the budget act of 2018, largely this Reform was introduced Macron reputation in the country, to be a “President of the Rich”. A re-introduction, he had been excluded several times.

A recent survey by the channel BFMTV, according to want to participate, 40 percent of French people at the “national debate”.


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