Whoever in the confession of the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) mad, for the Claim of alleged attacks elsewhere, was not right on the Post. Unusually long it took for the IS the assassin of Strasbourg officially as one of their “soldiers”. Maybe the militia currently has other things to Worry about. Perhaps even the terrorist organization, but it gradually sick and tired of every Criminal wants to give his actions at the last minute with “Allahu akbar!” culture in a combative sense.

After all, what we know, was the Frenchman Chérif Chekatt a criminal serial killer. German authorities have certified the multiple-convicted-intensive offender “by the reckless pursuit of profit by the embossed structure of a personality”. Who, may I ask, has given him actually the mandate, “our life style” attack? Such an act so brutal and pointless they may have been crashes, really, “a whole country in mourning”?


The current demonstrations and riots of the “yellow West” in France so far, six deaths. In the public perception, these six people are living, apparently, not more than the tragic, but unavoidable collateral damage of social unrest. But at the same time this consecration of Chérif Chekatt? Why is the shabby violence is exactly the higher level of importance, the wanted to give the perpetrator her – and himself – beige?

Almost relieved, the media reacted not only in France, on the message that it is not only an anyway in the Close-driven Criminal insane, but a “Jihadist” in the works. Thus, the mind has lots of a names: terrorist, Islamist. Almost forget that the guy with his 27-of-court convictions had been hard on crime. Exciting is suddenly in front of all, where and how he radicalized himself “” has to be found in the jail of toxic junk religiosity and his botched existence has given a final Twist to Important.

For the media is “terrorist!” first, the indignation of the offer, you strengthen a willing and your audience. For the state, a stimulus, he power with Executive and icon can respond of gravity is “Allahu akbar!” and secondly – in contrast, for example, as to citizens, in yellow vests, who rely on Asterix and Obelix. Thirdly, there is in this country people that their racism – the man of North African descent! – reluctant to tarnish.

Video: access the outskirts of the city


Udo Lielischkies, formerly a correspondent for the ARD in Moscow and Washington, from the right-hand in the direction of a Shitstorm of enormous strength of the wind is captured, because he is in the light of the countless victims “of multi-resistant hospital germs” had pointed out the absurdity of “public risk perception”. Worse would have been just, he would have been subjected to in his Tweet is the victim of domestic violence or the number of traffic fatalities on Germany’s wonderful highways arithmetic considerations.

The charge against Lielischkies was the usual profanity and spelling errors cleaned up, he “would Terror.” Although everything in this world is completely relative. Only the terrorist is not always total. It should be countered, it goes to the extreme Right, with totalitarian methods. Who is “qualified” limits the value of a thing, it weakens their importance. Here exactly is offered.

Strasbourg is a perfect example of a stick, we should not be blind to jump. Out of respect for the Victims and their families, but also to live out of respect for “our kind”.

Provided, reason plays a role in it.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.