With his plans for the Reform of the property tax, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), meets with fierce resistance, especially when the coalition partners CDU/CSU. In the meeting of the Finance Committee of the Bundestag last Wednesday, complained of Union members, Scholz’s proposal, which is based on a half-dozen components of Value of a property is to complicated, unfair, and unconstitutional.

the CDU and the CSU came primarily at the intended metropolis of the tee, to prevent the owner of an apartment or house would have to cope with in an expensive city, a hefty tax increase. It is clear that in this scheme the land again before the Federal constitutional court. The financial experts of the Union group, argue that the future reason is tax alone, according to area of land and property.

Scholz was in front of the deputies little willingness to respond to their concerns. Parliamentarians from the CDU/CSU and the Green party pointed out to the Minister of Finance to the fact that the Bundestag laws pass, not the government. Before the CDU party Congress had urged last weekend in Hamburg, so far unnoticed by the Public, Scholz, in a decision, a proposal to bring for taxpayers and tax authorities “as little as possible Bureaucracy”.

The financial politicians of the CDU and the CSU are comfortable with your Position on the longer lever. Schwenke, Scholz not on your line there would be no agreement. The reason, of course, expensive. The municipalities would have to forego in this case, on revenues of 14 billion euros.

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