imagine that FC Bayern München would announce in the summer, the departure of Robert Lewandowski, and an 18-Year-old pledge, the only football insiders know.

Real Madrid did this season in the: The most successful club of the last years was the most successful striker to pull, Cristiano Ronaldo went to Juventus to Italy. Shortly thereafter, Real Vinícius Júnior, an 18-year-old Brazilian, whose commitment had already been firmly presented, since this was 16. Real would get a star striker, it was thought. Finally, Ronaldo had scored, on average, about 49 goals this season. But no one came.

by Now, half the season is almost over, and Madrid singing the Ronaldo-Blues are even louder than in the summer. Reals between balance sheet: six League bankruptcies, table fifth place in La Liga, 1:5 against Barcelona coaching change, lost, earlier, the defence wobbles, the attack is lame. Of a crisis, as they experienced the Bayern in Germany, can only dream of the Royal.

Just the lack of goals are the focus. 26 goals in 18 League, so harmless, it was not play Real since 1993/1994. Which brings us back to Ronaldo. To be alone is the reason for Madrid’s misery?

“Real ruins”

last Sunday, the League game against the tables 15. a, Real Sociedad Of San Sebastián. It takes 155 seconds to 0:1, at the end of the Royal 0:2 lose, the gap to League leaders Barcelona grow to ten points, the newspaper “Marca” is going to write of the “ruin Real” and “Madrid in ruins”.

Real Sociedad does not come to many chances to score. And the success of counter-attacks. But it is in. And the Madrid, season, Real is vulnerable to shocks, it allows for great opportunities, and much too easy.

Against San Sebastián is the main reason: Real to fast forward.

The three Champions League titles won in Real terms in a row, should be associated with a name: Zinédine Zidane. Ronaldo may have scored the goals, but he had also done before, in the less successful years. The merit of the Coach, Zidane was different, it was further back on the playing field.

Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo

When Real had the Ball, it took usually forever, before it got to Ronaldo. Not without reason, he fell under Zidane usually only then, when he graduated. Until then, Real held the Ball in their own half, with Central defenders and the Mittelfeldduo Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, the zuspielten each other balls and the opponent run Pass, Pass, Pass, until at some point, the opposing legs limp and head were tired. Two actions later, Ronaldo-Time.

opponents usually came to the Ball, if this had arrived near their penalty area. The way up to the Real gate was far.

Meanwhile, Zidane is gone, be the successor to Julen Lopetegui, as well, and its heritage, Santiago Solari, to see how Real his opponent more short plays. Against Real Sociedad defender Sergio Ramos played the Ball often to the left to Marcelo, who sought to prompt the steep pass on the fast Vinícius. Modric was not at such moments how Zidane positioned low, but waited near by the striker on balls that were not.

Vinícius was often sent in hopeless duels with multiple defenders. And the Madrid ball losses were not hedged optimally. The offensive, Real, was, according to hasty, it played to the front, the heavier weighed this aspect of it. The hit to 0:2 in Madrid were placed inside a defender almost on their own.

Better than Real, hardly anyone

still midfield and defence the same player as in previous years. And yet the Team seems more vulnerable. Real self-not conceding under Zidane in an average of 40 goals per La Liga season, at the Top of Barcelona (32) and Atlético (22) in the same period. Extrapolating, but Madrid’s current section, the result is even 49 counter hit. Only two Teams in the top half of the table have more conceded goals than Real (23).

This is not to say that the Defensive is to blame, and Ronaldo’s departure for Real not hurt. In many games, just at the start of the season Lopetegui, earned the team a lot more chances than the opponent, but it lacked an enforcer. Because Karim Benzema (12 goals this season) hits a solid, Gareth Bale, according to the 4. Round a Torbeteiligung in the League succeeded, because Vinícius has fantastic facilities, but needs time to establish itself at the top level, Marco Asensio is still so far as some thought. Meanwhile, Ronaldo keeps up with Juventus on course for the championship and top scorer cannon.

The more serious the loss, it still seems to be Zidane, who retired after three coach years on a voluntary basis. Of its stability, prudent strategy, the cautious tactics, the rest, the Frenchman also had an impact in the hectic moments, according to the Motto: It is already. Trust me. It is the qualities, the lack of Real currently.

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