“what is it that the healthy mind? It is the common mind, as long as he urtheilt right.”

Immanuel Kant, “critique of pure reason”

transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) comes from Passau, Germany, from Swabia, but it seems to be a frugal man. As one of his Ministry-appointed Commission was to come up with the idea to reduce the CO2 emissions of cars by making them not-so-fast drive, said Scheuer this week that it was “against every man”. The Phrase commonly used “healthy” division Scheuer, perhaps in the service of the black Zero, who knows.

Whether healthy or not, was meant to be anyway the same as always: “everyone knows That.” The “common sense” among politicians as an argumentative figure, very popular. Konrad Adenauer, tried him once, but also the physicist Angela Merkel is relying occasionally on him.

The people’s mouth is a miserable smart-ass

Under the Nazis was common sense very popular. Rudolf Hess, for example, has said about Adolf Hitler once, in domestic and foreign policy “common sense, crucial brought to the fore”. The big brother of the common sense was sensation as we know, the healthy people, and what it’s led to, I don’t have to run here.

The voice of the common sense of the people’s mouth is often. Has to say a great many topics, always totally obvious. The vernacular is a, pardon me, fucking smartass who always knew everything in advance – and the opposite also.

now, Be learning still, please

for example, if one deals with social psychology. Because the people know to each topic something. Pair formation in humans, for example: like attracts like. And: opposites put on’. Thank You, People’s Mouth! And now please be quiet, the adults are trying to do here is to lead a fact-based entertainment.

is Actually proven long ago, empirically, that common sense is a dangerous Illusion. We, humans, cases, constantly, judgments are due to – wrong – gut feelings. You answer me in your head very quickly on this question: What kills more people – Diabetes, or road traffic accidents?

Listen on

Now he has to “traffic accidents” screaming, common sense, right? In fact, nearly six and a half times died, for example, in 2016 in this country, so many people to Diabetes, such as in road traffic. Diabetes deaths are more likely to be in the news, accident, dead, however, the healthy people hear mind all the time. You seem to be more likely. Availability heuristic is called the. It is just one of dozens of cognitive biases, whose existence is proven beyond all doubt. In the English Wikipedia there is a very entertaining, very long list.

Listen to me: don’t Listen to. The probability that you are not if you have real empirical evidence, is wrong, is very high.

Which of the healthy people

In the 19th century, the mind itself is difficult to define. Century was common sense as we know, the Belief that human bodies were not made for the breathtaking speed of steam engines for sure. What do you mean, what is the common sense at the time, had the idea held in a pressurized metal tube, in ten thousand meters of altitude flying move at 800 km/h and accelerates from burning Gas?

Until today, it is difficult for common sense to accept long-established facts about the world around us. For example, that we are all made of charged particles, the hiss in us and around us consistently through a vacuum. Or that objects become heavier when they move very quickly. Some externally quite healthy people are finding it difficult today to accept that the earth is a sphere.

Frantic metal chunks

Because we found out people now not to trust us in such matters, we have developed a System called science. With the help of which one can come to objective knowledge about how things are really. For example, internal combustion engines, which move 1.5 tons of heavy metal chunks, produce at higher speeds and more CO2. Or that this frenzied metal chunks are the more deadly the faster you move.

The “common sense” is a know-it-all, stubborn moron who has no clue about anything, but an opinion about everything. He is saying the argumentative Equivalent of “because I want it”. The above-quoted Immanuel Kant called him, in quite an insulting intention “Wünschelruthe”. He – the people don’t mind, Kant is not even aggressive way authoritarian: question just, what I claim as! Everyone knows that! In the political discourse of the healthy human mind, therefore, have just as much lost as that other law-without-justification-System, the Religion: nothing.

When politicians, whether Andreas Scheuer, or who are called also to mind, always, on healthy people, then you should assume once that the opposite of the is right what you say, because you have obviously no arguments. The says mind one of the healthy people.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.