All of the share prices of auto companies, you can find at finanzen100.deDas diesel concept of government in the Overview.Report: Federal motor transport authority also examines the current Opel models

15: 05: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt checks, according to a report by "mirror Online" obviously, currently, the latest Opel-diesel vehicles on manipulation. Cars with the Euro-6d-temp-Norm were previously thought to be clean. Specifically, among other things, is currently in the sale of present models of type Insignia are to be checked. The models meet the latest exhaust emission standard. Starting in September 2019, all Cars must be approved in accordance with this rule. In this case, the Real-Driving-Emissions-test procedure is used, the emission values not on the test, but by means of a mobile measuring device can be measured on the road. In spite of the realistic measurement circumstances, manipulation of the RDE are not excluded in the process.

callback of the Opel diesels officially

Friday, 19. October, 14.44 PM: The Federal motor transport authority has made in the Opel case seriously. The manufacturer has to retrofit thousands of Diesel cars in the models Insignia, Cascada and Zafira, from the model years 2013 to 2016 in terms of exhaust gas. Already, earlier this week announced the official recall of the KBA published on Friday on its website.

of 96,000 vehicles are Affected worldwide. Of the in Germany sold around 32 000 cars already 23.000 were subjected to voluntary a Software Update, so that the bottom line in Germany, only about 9000 in the workshops. A Hardware retrofit for Opel rejects.

Opel has confirmed the receipt of the decision against which you had already announced on Monday to take legal action. The company denies that the illegal defeat devices in the exhaust gas cleaning installed. Investigation of the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt.

in August 2017, by the French PSA group acquired company sees the former owners General Motors in the liability.

Like many other manufacturers, Opel is currently the Extra discounts to revive, if customers purchase the new car with an old Diesel engine, the exhaust emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 4 trade. In the case of trade-in of Euro 5 Diesel is only available in certain particularly loaded regions in a type-independent discount of up to 8000 euros.

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