In may, Dieter Zetsche completed after 43 years of his career at Daimler, for 13 years he was at the top of the car group. According to information from the “Bild am Sonntag” (BamS) will collect the car Manager, then the highest pension ever paid to a Chairman of the Board. According to the report, Zetsche receives from 2020, a pension in the amount of 4250 euros a day. This sum is derived from an annual retirement salary of 1.05 million euros and a capital amount from the current pension system of the group.

The highest pension had received for many years, VW chief Executive Martin Winterkorn: 3100 Euro per day.

During his term in office, Zetsche had earned significantly more: most Recently, he cashed 8.6 million euros per year (read more here).


Zetsche could during his retirement extra money once, when he takes over from 2021, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Daimler. The current chief inspector Manfred Bischoff collected for 500,000 euros. “This sum is not automatic and will be determined in the case of a new appointment to a new Supervisory Board,” said Daimler spokesman for the “BamS”.

It is not uncommon that Top-managers of the pension claims are often in the millions. Marc Tüngler, managing Director of the German protection Association for securities ownership, had duck demanded, therefore, that the members of the Board should arrange your pension yourself: “is The unilateral burden on the company due to intra-saving and comprehensive pension plans no longer belongs in the Repertoire of modern compensation systems.”


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