The US Bank JPMorgan has earned in 2018, thanks to good transactions in the financial markets, the broad spread and lower taxes so much as never before. The profit rose 36 percent to almost 31 billion dollars, as the largest Bank in the USA announced on Tuesday. Sales rose by slightly more than six percent to 111.5 billion dollars.

“2018 was a strong year,” said Bank chief Jamie Dimon, and stressed that it would have even without the effects of the US President Donald Trump initiated tax reform, a record result.

experts had expected an even better result. Especially the segment with the trading of bonds, currencies and commodities, investors have paid particular attention to, was disappointing. As weak as in the fourth quarter this business was not since the financial crisis.

shares with a market value of significantly more than 300 billion dollars, the most expensive Bank in the world gave pre-market by about two percent.

The 2018er result, the largest U.S. Bank, shows clearly how far the US-American houses are made out with only a few exceptions to international competition.

for Deutsche Bank, the comparison is painful. In the case of the largest German Bank, analysts currently expect on average a Surplus of about 400 million euros – so much money had earned JPMorgan last year to just five working days.

And the end of the flag bar is not reached after evaluation of the experts. Analysts expect that in the coming years at JPMorgan, with a further increase in profits. By 2021, the Surplus should increase at the significant increase in income to just under $ 36 billion.


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