millions of rail commuters will have to set on Monday morning on the way to work, delays and outages. “The strike is nationwide take on Monday morning from 5 am to 9 PM,” said a spokesman for the railway and transport Union.

The strike will tracks on both S -, Regional -, and long-distance transport and the freight railroad. The impact would drag on well into the day. Regional priorities, he could not call.

warning Strikes first in the Parking stations and garages

The walkout by the railway and traffic trade Union (EVG) announced, after they had broken off negotiations with the railway on Saturday. From the ECG it said, the Strikes should be launched, especially in Parking stations and garages.

The Deutsche Bahn had expected in the morning with a limited focus of strikes in North Rhine-Westphalia, corrected this information, but later, according to which, the group expects that the strikes interfere with the traffic “nationwide strong leg”. With faults to be expected after the end of the Strikes “over hours”.The company recommends travellers, on Sunday or on the Monday following the end of the strike to arrive. Subjects may contact the following toll-free Hotline: 08000996633.

For Monday, not for a specific train at a savings price ticket

For travelers with a Flex and price saving price tickets valid on Monday to be lifted to the predetermined route, the Tickets could already be on Sunday. Travelers should be informed prior to departure about your connection here.

The collective bargaining talks between the rail and the toe had been cancelled on Saturday morning in Hanover. In the capital of lower Saxony railway negotiated in parallel with the engine driver trade Union GDL. Here, too, no agreement was reached.

New talks on Monday afternoon with possible

in Addition, the railway appealed in a letter to the ECG guide, “return to the negotiating table” and the representatives of the trade Union invited for Monday afternoon to new conversations.

Both trade unions are demanding 7.5 per cent more money and the Expansion of a 2016 agreed choice model in which Employees between wage increase and shorter working hours and more holidays to choose from. In total it comes to around 160,000 Employees.

a critique of the Green: a ticket confusion disentangle

Since Sunday, the new train schedule of the Deutsche Bahn. He comes for the customer with an expansion of supply, but also with higher prices (and more to the individual measures and price increases click here to read). Of the Green harsh criticism of the ticketing system and the company’s structures came. “The ticket system is hardly a passenger,” said Faction leader Anton Hofreiter. In addition, the tax would be swallowed up funds from inefficient structures.

“The number of new trains can be seen on one Hand”, said Hofreiter. Am needed a restart for the web. The Federal government and the railway Board have to finish “the fragmented Jurisdictional Chaos of many small subsidiaries.” The only way the rail network and the car’s range could be quickly brought back into.

in addition, it is high time, “to disentangle the ticket confusion”. “The cheapest Ticket everyone must be able to view at a glance – on the machine and in the Internet”, invited Hofreiter. In order to make Tickets cheaper, wool cut his party, the VAT rate on train tickets to seven percent.


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