The car manufacturers Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler and Opel have serious violations of environmental and human delivery legal standards in its raw materials chain is given.

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are irregularities in the procurement of lead required for the production of vehicle batteries. Also affected are the world’s largest car battery manufacturer, Johnson Controls, as well as the Recycling plant Weser-Metall in lower Saxony, Nordenham.

As reported by the MIRROR in its current issue, has failed to observe the recycling factory, Everest Metal Nigeria Limited, environmental protection and occupational safety requirements miss and without a valid license lead exports. It was about a British agent from Nigeria to Germany.


Everest has its location in the village of Ipetero in the South of Nigeria, about two hours from the port city of Lagos. The company, which belongs to an Indian group that collects old car batteries, the lead and pouring into ingots. Production of exhaust gases and waste water are not filtered out into the village. (Click here to read the whole story at SPIEGEL+)

In the vicinity of the Recycling plant scientists had discovered in the past year, extremely high lead levels in the soil. They were at 320, 1900, 2700 and 130,000 milligrams of heavy metal per kilogram of soil. The limit for residential areas of 400 milligrams per kilogram.

the Current blood tests, with volunteers in Ipetoro also suggests a poisoning of the population. Of 40 tested, the village of 39, more than ten micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood, according to the world health organization as the threshold for intoxication had residents. Adults came to an average of 21.1 micrograms per deciliter, children had similarly high values. Five micro-grams of can cause heart – circulation complaints and the immune system.

So harmful metals mercury, lead and co. are hard So harmful metals

are difficult to “Ten micro-grams of lead to the duration of at least half of the children to delays in development,” says the Munich-based pediatrician, Tobias Aconite, who managed the project on a voluntary basis. A supplier came to 50.6 micrograms. Five Everest-employees had the following Numbers: 21,8 – 32 – 38,1- 41,4 and 42.3. The highest blood lead levels showed those who work directly with the hard metal or the acid batteries.

the secret of MIRROR-shots in the interior of the factory revealed numerous violations of the occupational safety and health. The workers have insufficient protective clothing and no respiratory masks in the dangerous areas of production. The soil in the yard is not paved, so that the spout can drain away, in the end, lead from old car batteries verse. The rotary tube furnace, in which the battery shredder to be melted, there was no deduction, so that poisonous Gas can escape.

The German company Weser-Metall, which supplies, in turn, the battery manufacturer, Johnson Controls, explained with a view to its British suppliers WITL: “Of this we buy no more Material.” The car battery manufacturer, Johnson Controls insured, “to have, without delay, an investigation with the suppliers” initiated.

VW announced that it plans to evaluate in the future, “all of our suppliers prior to award by means of sustainability Ratings”. Opel said that it had required “appropriate corrective measures” from Johnson Controls. Daimler, in turn, indicates that you have agreed to a “further transparency creation”. The automotive supplier Bosch wrote, he reserve, “from existing agreements to withdraw”.

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