Even if President Emmanuel Macron is doing everything it can to stop the yellow West-Protest: France does not come to rest. Although less yellow demonstrated this weekend the West as a week earlier, a total of 69,000, instead of 84,000, according to the French Ministry of the interior. For this, the Ministry of 10,500 demonstrators were added, again according to the inside, called “Red Cup” – because they believed, with a red scarf around the neck of the makers of the yellow safety vests delimit.

you marched on Sunday for “peace and order” and “against violence” through the heart of Paris, many of them supporters of the President. But the looked at the apparently with mixed feelings. No member of the government was eager to join forces, to provoke only a Yes, no further Chaos. Almost fears came true, as the Rotschal Demonstration arrived on the Sunday afternoon in the square of the Bastille in Paris, where for all to see a group of 50 yellow vests on the stairs of the Opera building of the Bastille had posted.

resignation claim against the national anthem

according to the strongly urged the little yellow West-Block of the resignation Macrons, great is the indignation among the Rotschal-makers on the square in front of you, on the contrary denied them the national anthem. However, it remained at the end of peaceful. Unlike the previous day, when the Bastille, a well-known yellow West representative, Jérôme Rodrigues, of police officers, hard on the eye was injured. According to the yellow West is a rubber met him during the protests of the basement of the security forces.

Rodrigues filed a complaint against interior Minister Christophe Castaner as commander-in-chief of the police. A case of the workers at the weekend all over France, whether in the social or mainstream media. Because they felt that the public debate between the Macron and the yellow West is currently in limbo – and to overturn at any time in favor of a page. Had covered the police against Rodrigues? The could make the sympathy for the yellow West-movement in a new flare-up.

Rodrigues does not count to the thugs. He had called on Saturday to a “Yellow night” at the Republic square in Paris, after the model of the left-wing opposition movement “Nuit debout”, which was organized in the summer of 2016 at this location over the months, nights, long discussions about God and the world. Many expected, therefore, a similar open discussion atmosphere. “I’m a student, and for the first Time today in the yellow West,” said the 23-year-old Parisian, Clara, after nightfall, to the MIRROR, as more heavily armed police officers as protesters were on the square of the Republic.

Clara had watched some yellow West, chipboard cracks down, and were mounted in front of Bank branches for protection against the demonstrators. “Nothing was broken, but the police took the opportunity to clear out the whole place,” said the student. To you lights around on the roundabout of the square, dozens of team buses, the police were in the evening with glowing Blue. “Macron is now, even the Agoren of the people occupy,” commented the 24-year-old Student, Edouard, Clara’s fiancé. “There is no debate, that’s a lie,” said Edouard.

“We have called in the yellow West

He was thoroughly sick and tired” to the “great national debate”, the President of Macron as a response to the Protest of the yellow West. Meanwhile, the Macron itself is become the protagonists of this debate. Equal to three times in the last ten days, discussed the Macron in the French province of nests, each for several hours with his critics, not least directly, with the yellow West-followers. “I am up against the System,” he said on Thursday in Bourg-de-Péage in the Rhone valley – argued otherwise, but the policies he represents.

That would have brought him with safety in the case of those applause on Sunday with red scarves around the neck by the cold and wet Parisian winter rain moved in. For the first time since the beginning of the yellow West-protests to the followers of Macrons called on this Time to Demonstrate. “We are lagging two months, but we have the yellow West is thoroughly saturated. France must finally come back to rest,” said the 30-year-old Daniel, who demonstrated with a red scarf and Europe-Flag.

Daniel was one of the Co-organizers of the Red Cup. He recalled the great Demonstration of 30. In may 1968, after the riots, the student movement of millions of French President Charles de Gaulle on the road were gone. Similar to Daniel and hoped that in the future from its competitors: “We have not, as at the time of the organization of the Gaullists, who came in separate buses to Paris. But we can be as loud as the yellow West.”

“It’s about the reinvention of democracy”

Whether Macron wants? “The response to the crisis can not be, what have they done to my predecessor. It is not easy, a real challenge,” the President said at the weekend, on a visit to Egypt. “It is a Moment of truth, it’s about the reinvention of democracy,” he added, and announced a “profound consequences” of the of him, has joined the debate.

Just the but the yellow West is not taking it from him. “The party, which we will call just to life, from simple citizens,” said the yellow West-representative Ingrid Levavasseur on Sunday, their top candidate for a list of yellow West in the European elections. Opinion polls gave the list of the 13 percent of the vote. Levavasseur, who admitted to have Macron selected, now positioned itself clearly against him: “How Macron can only say from the people, they snap, when people are working, but not able to live,” said Levavasseur in allusion to a Statement by Macrons over the “disengagement” yellow West.

Exactly this, spiteful tone of voice verkneift be Macron. But whether that’s enough? It is still to be decided between him and the yellow West, nothing.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.