A rebound in policy never came to a simple cabinet reshuffle. It is good, it is not a few changes on Tuesday that will give new breath to the executive. The ministry of the Interior, is appointed as a second choice, since Emmanuel Macron had first thought of another personality that Christophe Castaner (the inter-ministerial delegate in the olympic Games, Jean Castex). And here is the portfolio of Safety retrograde in the protocol of government (from the 2nd to the 11th place) at the same time that it loses its title as the department of State. Many worrying signs, even if a true specialist, Lawrence Nuñez, support Castaner as secretary of State.

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The regal is a weakness in the device, the link with the territories becomes a liability. You can feel the effort worn by the power to try to reconnect with the local elected officials. The choice of Jacqueline Gourault, at the head of a department full to the entitled rich (Territorial Cohesion and Relations with the local Communities) and armed with two other ministers, is entitled: his career (mayor of a rural municipality, a general councilor, regional councilor, senator) speaks for itself, although some of his about recent have crumpled.

“A swamp moved to the right”

Emmanuel Macron no longer has the momentum required to recompose the political scene, as he has done in 2017. Any rising value of the right or of the left has joined the team. Then they just break it down a little more the landscape, in the hope that better days restore the strength to continue his work as an architect. Break it down, it is consolidating the alliance with François Bayrou (Modem is used), to recover a former socialist (Didier Guillaume Agriculture) and to build up a few recruits came from the right – but today the members of power : Gérald Darmanin with a secretary of State, while the secretary of State, Sébastien Lecornu becomes a minister.

“A swamp moved to the right, this is where it happens”, stated in September an adviser elysian from the first circle. The appointment of Franck Riester, passed the RPR, then the UMP and LR, is, the air of nothing, the only – small – movement of tectonic plates. In the light of the european elections of may 2019, the president of Act, a small movement, having hosted a number of ex-RL, asked, a few months ago, the membership of his party in the EPP – which was lanterner, in particular in order not to offend the LR.

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Police, immigration, etc Castaner book the roadmap to UDI, the vexed centre Lawrence Nuñez, the man of the counter-terrorism Inside

however, the EPP is teetering now, as evidenced by its divisions on the cases Orban. Laurent Wauquiez, for example, considers that the Hungarian Prime minister has its place in the movement, when Jean-Claude Junker, current president of the european commission, considers that it is no longer the case. In France, Alain Juppé and also Franck Riester consider the presence of Orban problematic. Emmanuel Macron dream to see the EPP implode. But it is for the moment a dream, and Riester will not weigh really in its eventual fulfillment. In Europe as in France, the redial is a struggle. It is far from being won.

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