so Far, the Federal government to Victims of Nazi persecution has reduced when moving to a retirement or nursing home the victims of pension. The Ministry of Finance has repealed this controversial scheme. All Eligible who have moved since January in such a home, “will continue to receive benefits in the amount that you receive at the time of the move,” reads the Executive order. It is aimed at the responsible for the payments of General Directorate of customs in Cologne, Germany.

a Minimum of 415 Euro. For voters who have moved prior to 2019 in a home, the new agreement with effect from the beginning of the year. The Ministry had previously argued that when moving into a home, the financial needs of the victims of the Nazi regime changes, because other facilities are added, the cost.

The reduction scheme had been introduced under Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) – the Left had called on the acting Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), to change the practice.

the left party speaks of an overdue step

the trigger for the debate was especially the case of military power, deserteurs and peace activist Ludwig Baumann, the on 5. July 2018 died. Because he had reported late for the move to a nursing home, his son received after the death of a reimbursement receivable of approximately 4000 Euro. Baumann, who was convicted of war treason only to death, and then in a concentration camp was concerned, since 1993, the victims of pension. In 2017, the winner of the Aachen peace prize drew in a home – instead of 660 Euro for him just 352 Euro “home bag were granted the money”.

According to the Federal government, there are currently 26 cases to which the amendment applies. The parliamentary Manager of the left party, Jan Korte, said the move by the Ministry of Finance, was an important step in the right direction. “He was, however, long overdue, to end the shameful and discriminatory reduction in the Hardness for the few still-living victims.”

The Change is also the result of protests by the Federal Association of the victims of the NS military justice system, as well as a corresponding Left-hand-application. Necessary a payment of a minimum of around 540 Euro a month to escort but instead of 415 euros.

The Bundestag intends on Thursday to the victims of national socialism (from 9 PM). The commemorative speech, the Israeli historian and Holocaust Survivor Saul Friedländer. On the occasion of the commemorative ceremony in the Bundestag, the 74. Anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Red army had been there at 27. In January 1945, the Survivors freed.


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