The Swiss people’s initiative rejected by Swiss law instead of foreign judges. The so-called self-determination initiative, Swiss law on international treaties. Nationwide, about 66 percent of the Voters were against it.

the desire of the national-conservative Swiss people’s party (SVP) was Launched. The Federal Council, as Parliament rejected the Initiative. In the case of an adoption, the authorities should have been obliged, of the Constitution contradict international treaties to adapt and to terminate if necessary. This would have had a far-reaching consequences for the acceptance of international Law and of institutions such as the UN or the European court of human rights. Switzerland would have been able to conclude international agreements in the future only under Reservation. The government had warned that the country was not a reliable Partner for international cooperation.

most Recently the SVP presented the vote as a sign against the controversial UN-migration Pact. The Pact lead “in the global free movement of persons and to a world without borders, as well as the total mixing of the cultures,” said SVP-chief Albert Rösti. The Pact, expected to be adopted in December in Morocco, would be for its signatories are not legally binding. The Swiss government had decided him for the time being not to join.

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